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Delcam offers advanced manufacturing software that lets you design, manufacture and inspect complex products quickly and easily.  With customers across the automotive, aerospace, composites, marine, energy, and medical industries, people around the world see, touch, or use products manufactured with Delcam software every day.  An Autodesk company since 2014, Delcam’s global network of support professionals help customers overcome challenging engineering problems to transform their ideas into reality.


  • PowerMILL 2016
    PowerMILL is world Leading 2, 3 and 5-Axis CAM Software. PowerMILL 2016 enhancements focused on safer machining including carousel tool change simulation and additional collision verification options....

  • PowerMILL 2016 enhancements focused on safer machining including carousel tool change simulation and additional collision verification options.  New finishing strategies for machining blades and ribs give you more control, while reducing programming and cycle times.

    • Project Mirroring
    • Carousel Tool Change Simulation & Machine Tool Transparency
    • Tool Position Form
    • Single Blade Finishing
    • Constant Z finishing for Rib Machining


    You can now mirror all project entities to speed up the programming of right-hand and left-hand parts.  Machining characteristics are maintained, including the cut direction of toolpaths.

    Fully simulate carousel tool changes to comprehensively verify toolpaths prior to machining.  When used alongside the Advanced Simulation and Verification Module you will be notified of any tool change collisions during simulation.  In addition, automatic machine tool transparency optimizes part visibility.

    A new dedicated dialog shows detailed tool location data.  Information regarding the position of the tool tip, tool center and gauge face are shown with reference to a choice of coordinate system points.

    A new toolpath strategy has been added for the finish machining of single blades.  This feature allows you to machining single-blade faces quickly and effectively.

    Constant Z offset capability has been added to rib machining. This gives you more control when machining, allowing for quicker toolpath calculation and faster machining times.

  • FeatureCAM 2016
    FeatureCAM is Feature-based CAM software for mills, multi-tasking lathes & wire EDM. FeatureCAM 2016 addresses the most advanced machining environments, helping you create parts quickly to the standards you and your customers demand....

  • FeatureCAM 2016 delivers a wide range of new features and improvements including adding control for 2.5D features, reductions in the machining time of 2.5D and 3D Vortex toolpaths and dynamic stock models for 3D roughing.

    • FeatureRECOGNITION Creations Setup Creation
    • Nesting
    • Autodesk RealDWG Import
    • New Inside/Outside Groove toolpath
    • 2.5D & 3D Vortex non-cutting moves
    • Dynamic stock for roughing
    • Bar Fed Mills
    • Realistic Turning Heads
    • Automatic Tool Orientation


    Reduce your programming times by rapidly creating additional setups during FeatureRECOGNITION via a new button in the Feature Wizard.

    Use FeatureCAM with PowerSHAPE to select your machining files and nest them in a single clock to maximize stock material usage efficiency.

    Quickly import Autodesk RealDWG files into FeatureCAM and benefit from support for DWG solid model import.

    Fine-tune your Inside/Outside Groove toolpaths with new options for rough stepover type, wind-fan and start points for finishing, and gouge checking for plunge and retracts, in addition to support for tool radius and partline cutter compensation.

    Adjust the non-cutting moves of your 2.5D and 3D Vortex toolpaths, with options to retract and lift or increase the federate to optimize your toolpaths and reduce cutting time.

    Keep your Z-level Roughing toolpaths completely free of tool holder collisions by taking into account any remaining stock on a model, with Holder Collision Clipping.

    Program your multi-tasking bar-fed milling machines with FeatureCAM.  Access the back working area by setting the swivel angle, and utilize cut-off operations that use milling tools.

    Define more complex turning head toll holder models in the Machine Design file and assign your tools to the holders via the tool mapping.

    Simplify the turning tool selection process with the ability to automatically use a single tool in multiple orientations, minimizing you tool crib size and reducing the time taken to program parts.

  • PartMaker 2016
    PartMaker world leading CAM software for production machining. PartMaker 2016 proves that you can have both a high level of power along with unparalleled ease of use in a single CAM system....

  • PartMaker 2016 proves that you can have both a high level of power along with unparalleled ease of use in a single CAM system.  The new version is packed with loads of new technology to keep you company ahead of the competition.

    • More advanced 2.5 axis machining strategies
    • Support for multiple solid models in a single project file
    • Specialist support for rotary and index broaching operations
    • Fast CAD drafting and tool path selection
    • Improved control for solid model rotation
    • Enhanced simulation support for VTLs


    Choose from a wide array of the CAM industry’s most advanced 2.5 axis milling strategies for pocketing and contouring including stock model machining.

    Import solid models into a single PartMaker JOB file.  Easily toggle between multiple models.  Extract multiple parts from assemblies.

    Program and simulate rotary and index broaching operations using dedicated broaching tools and cycles.  Ideal for programming and visualizing broached features on medical implants and other devices.

    Use the new Multi Snap functionality in either PartMaker CAD or CAM mode to allow the software to automatically choose the best snap mode for you automatically as you draw geometry or define tool path boundaries in 2D.

    The new rotation anchor function gives you greater control over the rotation of imported 3D models.  This feature allows you to choose the exact spot on a solid model you rotate about and is particularly helpful when analyzing long parts, such as those typically made on Swiss-type lathes. 

    Simulate the machining of vertical turret lathes in PartMaker Turn-Mill by choosing the orientation of the machine’s coordinate system in the machine data dialog.

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