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United States
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Capture 3D is a leader in 3D non-contact measurement solutions to enhance and optimize quality control, inspection, reverse engineering, and more. Our solutions give you more knowledge about your part’s entire geometry and features. Quickly solve engineering issues, prevent problems, eliminate costs/processes, improve quality, and make the best educated decisions.


  • ATOS 3D Scanners
    Non-contact structured blue light 3D scanners for high precision and high accuracy measurements. Applications include quality control/inspection, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, CFD/FEA analysis, and more....

  • ATOS is metrology tested, aerospace certified accurate, and widely recognized as the preferred measuring tool.

    The ATOS series of high quality industrial structured blue light 3D scanners provide precision scans with detailed resolution at high speeds.  ATOS is a type of a coordinate measuring machine CMM that utilizes optical non-contact technology to capture millions of accurate points in a single fast scan.  There are different names for this technology, such as, an optical measuring machine, optical 3D scanner, white light 3D scanner, blue light laser scanner, non-contact 3D scanner, etc.   ATOS is engineered with advanced hardware and intelligent software for repeatable accurate measurements with flexibility and process reliability.  The ATOS generation of 3D scanners is the most innovative optical measuring system for 3D coordinate measurement on the market. It is widely utilized in various industries, and can measure different object sizes, surface finishes, and shape complexities.

  • ATOS ScanBox Automated Inspection
    Automated precision inspection solutions for rapid deployment....

  • In industrial environments automated 3D scanning inspection cells, also known as near-line or in-line coordinate measuring machines (CMM), have become an integral part of manufacturing and production processes. The ATOS ScanBox is constructed and engineered to industrial standards to assure highest safety and mobility. Delivery time is short and setup is plug-and-play. The ATOS ScanBox includes an ATOS 3D scanner, robot, rotary stage, software, safety house, and more. All the elements in one box to ensure automation success.

    ATOS ScanBox - Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Automated Precision Inspection Solution for Rapid Deployment
    • Accurate 3D coordinates with high resolution data quality
    • Rapid full part scan with instant inspection analysis
    • Full-field deviation to CAD, 2D and part-to-part
    • Section-based analysis, GD&T and trend analysis
    • Complete measurement reports
    • VMR Virtual Measuring Room software module for advanced offline and online programming

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