Comco Inc

Burbank,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1833

Comco manufactures microblasting equipment.  MicroBlasting is precision sand blasting used for surface texturing, selective cleaning, precision deburring and controlled erosion of small, intricate parts.  Comco has 40+ yrs experience developing and manufacturing both manual and automated systems.

Surface Texturing: Enhance adhesion characteristics of a surface for bonding or modify the surface for cosmetic reasons.

Selective Cleaning: Remove undesirable substances, thin films or residues from a surface. 

Precision Deburring: Remove fine burrs on a wide range of materials from exotic metal alloys to soft polymers.

Controlled Erosion: Erode a surface a few microns at a time to accurately mill pockets and channels.


  • AccuFlo
    The AccuFlo is our most precise, most flexible and most efficient unit available. Due to our patented Simoom technology, the AccuFlo easily transitions from use in manual applications to fully automated production environments....

  • When Nanometers Make a Difference

    Whether removing nanometers of material or texturing a surface to a specific Ra; the AccuFlo provides control over the abrasive flow necessary to obtain precise results.

    The Last MicroBlaster You Will Ever Have to Buy

    The AccuFlo is built to last and is easy to maintain.

    Modern Technology Applied to a Proven Process

    In an abrasive environment, complexity is typically associated with wear. In order to work with hard abrasives at high velocities, we had to invent a whole new mixing technology.

    Optimized for Your Application

    First, configure your AccuFlo with a standard or tall tank, then enhance it with options like AutoFill to meet your most challenging blasting applications.

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