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Aberlink is the largest UK-owned manufacturer of CMMs, Vision systems and 3D measurement software. We design and manufacture innovative metrology solutions; if you are looking for an affordable Manual or DCC CMM, Shop Floor CMM, Vision machine or an easier to use inspection software package, we can help.  We will show our high-specifiction DCC CMM and our brand new Shop Floor DCC at Mfg4 2016.  Also making it's debut is the latest released MK4 version of Aberlink's Inspection, Vision, Programming from CAD and CAD Comparison software.


  • “Extreme”, Shop Floor CNC CMM
    The “Extreme” bench, Shop Floor CNC CMM is exactly that, it has been designed to withstand the most extreme manufacturing environment....

  • The compact footprint of the Extreme machine enables it to be easily placed where it’s needed. It has been ergonomically designed so that everything is comfortable to hand and where it should be. Taking feedback from our customers, the Extreme machine is the culmination of over twenty years of successfully designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative metrology solutions to world-class engineering companies.

    Included is a PC-based control system, integrated 22” flat screen monitor, joystick, keyboard, printer and magnetic mouse, running the very latest Aberlink 3D CNC geometric measurement software that is used across the globe for all our CMMs. In addition, the “Extreme” bench also has an integrated lockable cabinet.

    X-Y-Z Measuring Range:                  12” x 12” x 8”

    Volumetric Accuracy:                       0.0001” + L/12”

    Operating Temperature Range:     50-104 degrees

    Maximum Acceleration:                  29”/sec²  

    Renishaw Probe System:                TP20 Probe Module

    Overall Dimensions of Extreme:

      Width -                                             31”

      Depth -                                             31”

      Height -                                            80”

    Weight of Machine:                         210lb

    Maximum Table Loading:                220lb

  • “Zenith 3” CNC CMM
    The new “Zenith 3” CNC CMM from Aberlink utilizes state of the art machine design developed for our hugely successful Azimuth range of CMMs....

  • The wider right leg increases air bearing separation and therefore increases stiffness and makes a significant improvement to both repeatability and accuracy. The first term of the accuracy statement is now more than a 1um improvement to the old Zenith too machine and now boasts an ISO 10360-2 accuracy specification of (2.7 +0.4L/100) um.

    X-Y-Z Measuring Range:      (39”) x (39” to 118”) x (24” & 31”)

    Volumetric Accuracy:           0.0001” + L/12”

    Maximum Acceleration:      50”/sec²  

    Renishaw Probe System:    TP20/TP200/SP25M

    Renishaw Scales:                  .00002”

    Table:                                     Granite

    Load Capacity:                       2,205lbs with options to 9,788lbs

    Operating Temperature Range:     32-115 degrees

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