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Looking for an extremely accurate roundness gage that’s quick and easy to use and accommodates large part sizes? Is made in the USA also important to you? ABTech MicroForm™ gages are the answer.

 Built around our ultra-precision stainless steel air bearing rotary tables with micro-inch accuracy provides repeatable measurements with maintenance-free robustness.

 Our easy-to-use MicroForm™ software simplifies use on the shop floor, yet offers analysis capabilities for quality control labs. Intuitive navigation and a large touch-screen color monitor easily triggers measurements for runout (TIR), roundness, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, and concentricity. State-of-the-art electronics provide nearly instantaneous results.

 Gages are available with direct drive motors, tilt and center worktable assemblies, dual gage heads, vacuum part holding features, and size ranges from 6” to 36” in diameter and up to 5,000 pounds. Or upgrade your current air bearing gage with our retrofit option.


  • Diameter Measurement Gage
    Do you need to check the size of your turned parts while still on the lather, grinder or other machine center? ABTech's precision diameter measurement gages are designed for measuring large diameter parts with better than .001" system accuracy....

  • DMG360 gages include a precision ground hardened steel wheel that rides on an uniterreupted OD surface of your part. Adjusters built into the wheel body allow you to easily align the wheel to the part. Using your machine center to rotate the part the gage calculates the diameter from an average of four full rotations. A proximity sensor and trigger are sued to precisely count off each revolution. With optional handheld IR thermal sensors you can enter the part and room temperatures and use the systems compensation factor. 



    • Accuracy: .001" (25.4μm)
    • Repeatability: .0005 (12.7μm)
    • 3.750" precision ground hardened 440C stainless steel wheel
    • Visible reference guide for setting proper wheel pressure
    • Proximity sensor to trigger measurements
    • LED indicators in sensor to assist with trigger alignment
    • Compact digital display unit with handle for portability
      • Touch pad operator interface
      • Programmed with ABTech measurement software
      • Temperature input for compensation
    • Available in various receiver mount options with alignment adjusters
      • Fits Aloris, C5 Capto or other custom tool holders
    • Portable for use on multiple machines
    • Protective storage/carrying case with custom foam inserts
    • Made in the USA



  • MicroForm Roundness Gage
    ABTech's MicroForm™ gages quickly and easily measure precision geometric forms with unmatched repeatability. Each gage incorporates an air bearing rotary table in robust platform to deliver ultra-precision results....

  • The all new μFG100 model was developed to address the need for a compact option to measure small parts up to 8" in diameter and 12" in height. This model comes standard with a touch screen tablet operator interface to maximize space saving. An optional large touch screen monitor is available. 

    MicroForm gages are ideal for in-process geometry measurements of shafts, bearings, gears, pistons, turbocharger, and other precision machined or stampled parts; incoming inspections for vendor complieance; optical lens inpection; manufacturing process control and quality control lab analysis. The most common geometric form measurements are included; runout, roundness, flatness, concentricity (in and out of plane), parallelism and perpendicularity. 

    An ultra-smooth, maintenance-free rotary air bearing with an available motor provides and ultra-precision reference axis. A reponsive lever-type probe combines to pride overall systems accuracy better then 5 µ” (0.125 µm).

    The processor provides high speed data acquisition and tight synchronozation of the indicator signal with the angular position of the rotary table for pin-point accuracy.

    Tilt and center worktables have very fine adjustments to allow operators to align parts to the bearing's axis of rotation, reducing eccentricity. The spherical seat design maintains the part's center point when leveling, saving time and frustration in getting parts set up. An articulating gage arm mounted on a linear slide lets you rapidly switch between a deameter and a face, or from an OD to an ID. no wasted time wrestling with locks or swivel joints. 


    • Ultra-accurate and repeatable air bearing axis
    • High speed data acquisition for real-time measurements
    • Quick positioning articulating gage stand 
    • Nearly perfect probe linearity over rull measurement range
    • Optional fine adjust tilt and center worktable for precision alignment
    • Optional integrated motor drive



  • MicroTIR Display Packages
    Portable MicroTIR™ display and electronic indicators provide confidence and reliability by calculating and outputting total indicator readings (TIR) during in-process tolerance checks or part alignment....

  • MicroTIR displays feature a 8" wide format color touchscreen user interface. Probe displacement is shown with a traditional analog needle as well as high resolution digital read out. The mazimum and minimum readings are captured along with the total indicator reading. 

    Input your part number and description and then save or print the results as definitive verification to your customer or as a traveler for the part through the next manufacturing process steps. Take multiple measurements and stack the results into a single report.

    MicroTIR displays are lighweight and portable units with onboard file storage and wireless network capabilities for enterprise connectivity. User selectable scale reolutions and SAE or metric units provide full flexibility for all of your part requirements.

    Available with a single precision lever-type electronic indicator or add a second probe for individual or sum/differential probe display options. An electronic encoder interface is also available which synchronizes the probe readings to the rotary or linear position of your motion system.


    • 8" wide format color touch screen user interface
    • Compact and lightweight for easy portability 
    • USB port for network, printer or flash drive use
    • Wireless capability
    • Digital and analog displays
    • Probe 1, Probe 2, and dual probe sum/differential display options
    • Recorded TIR with individual Min and Max values displayed
    • SAE and Metric units (inch, µinch, mm, µm)
    • Scale ranges: ±.01”, .001, .0002” (± 250, 25, 5 µm)
    • Part number, description and comment input fields
    • Stack results to print, save or export
    • Single or dual lever type electronic gage head options
    • Excellent linearity (0.9998) over full probe range +/- .012" (0.3mm)
    • Optional encoder interface and poition display (requires a compatible encoder and rotary table - available seperately)
    • Made in the USA