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South Elgin,  IL 
United States
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Gear Manufacturing Solutions

Helios Gear Products is the North American factory sales and technical support organization for global gear machine and tool manufacturers. Gear manufacturers work with Helios for industry-leading service and support backed by a dedicated team of engineers to ensure each application is profitably productive. Manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, and medical markets rely on Helios manufacturing solutions every day.

As Helios grows beyond our Koepfer America legacy and the 150-year reputation of Koepfer machine tools, our customers are delighted with full access to expanding gear manufacturing capabilities. This includes Helios Hera gear hobbing machines for parts under an inch to over 500 mm (19.685”) diameter, Neo power skiving (NEOPS) machines, and pre-owned Koepfer hobbing equipment. Our machines enable the profitable production of spur and helical gears, internal and external gears, splines, worms, straight bevels, rotors, long shafts, and more.

Lastly, Helios cutting tools and grinding tools enable the day-to-day success of manufacturers across the continent.

Brands: Hera, NEOPS, Koepfer, Monnier + Zahner, Lambert - Wahli, Tecnomacchine, Tyrolit, Helios


  • Hera 350
    Combining advanced technology, precision components, and economic pricing to enable profitable production of high-quality spur gears, helical gears, straight bevel gears, and other hobbed profiles....

    • High-speed direct-drive hob head with CNC shifting
      • Automatic retraction of X-axis during power failure, preventing hob damage
    • Direct drive torque motor for the work spindle
      • Driven via FANUC® torque motor
    • Flexible standard dialogue program offering:
      • One or two gears on a single workpiece
      • Radial, axial, climb, and/or conventional hobbing on single- or two-cut cycle
      • Crowning (lead modification) and deburring using two equal hobs
      • Automatic shifting over broken hob section
    • Optionalre-hobbing(skiving)
    • CNC by FANUC® 0i-MF with 6 axes (optional 7)
      • Tangential position of hob head (shifting) by CNC
    • Precision, repeatability, and control with Heidenhain® linear scales on the X-axis
    • Cast iron machine base for optimum stability and dampening

    Customer feedback: https://youtu.be/mRM7nUCSjpE
    Specification overview: https://youtu.be/vJKEcQnZBBc
    Product info: https://heliosgearproducts.com/products/machines/hera-350/

  • MSR
    The TM MSR offers optimized part capacity, versatile integration, and leading operator ergonomics with flexible robotic automatic loading and unloading....

    • A flexible and capable automatic loader.
      • Loading and unloading is performed by an anthromorph robot equipped with two-jaw or three-jaw grippers. The center inclination of the magazine stations offer ergonomic optimization.
    • Capability to feed up to 4 machine tools at a time
    • Stackable workpiece towers offer more capacity than rotary conveyors
    • V-towers for fast change-overs

    Product info: https://heliosgearproducts.com/products/machines/tm-msr/