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Cambridge Vacuum Engineering, Inc. (CVE) designs and builds EB Welding process solutions, having more than 60 years experience manufacturing Electron Beam (EB) Welding systems and Vacuum Furnaces (VF’s) from its base in Cambridge.Professional engineering skills are applied to customer requirements resulting in innovative design and solutions to technical problems. The company's skilled workforce, and extensive world wide service team are backed up with a range of in-house test and diagnostic facilities. CVE offers true global coverage from its sales and service centers located in the US, UK and worldwide.

The latest technology is here for THICK SECTION WELDING... EBFLOW has beed developed by CVE and TWI and offers the possibility of eliminating the need for a vacuum chamber for the joining of large structures particularly aimed at the renewable energy generation sectors. This technology has been demonstrated to weld thick sections up to 250mm in steels and light alloys in a single pass. Come see EBFLOW at our booth!



    Electron Beam Welding of thick section steels - enables very high joint completion rates up to 30 times faster than traditional welding methods, this technology uses sliding seals to hold vacuum only where required....

  • Enabling Technology - EBflow is an enabling technology that, by virtue of its cost and time saving performance over existing methods, will make investment in many energy generation developments more attractive. It has the potential to be revolutionary in the fabrication of large structures accross many industries.
    • Up to 30 times faster thick section steel joint completion than traditional welding methods
    • 200mm per minute in 150mm thick steel
    • A coarse vacuum established only where needed
    • No pre-heat required
    • No consumables required (wire & flux)
    • Immediate post weld inspection possible. No statutory delay required to allow hydrogen cracking.
    • Return On Investment measured in months.
    • Minimal Distortion. Typically 10% of weld width.
    • Many code approvals and certifications
    Further information is available at our booth along with some welded samples of thick section steel.
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