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Cool-Grind Technologies is a consulting and coolant application product manufacturer that supports grinding end-users and OEMs. Led by John Webster, PhD, the company uses complex fluid dynamics tools to analyze and audit existing filtration and pumping systems and matches the filter size, flowrate and pressure to the grinding process. Cool-Grind also manufactures 135 unique designs of coolant nozzles and manifolds for many types of grinding machine. 

Under the leadership of George Petrosky, PhD, Grinding Process Solutions is to provide our customers with grinding products, such as grinding wheels and truers, plus consulting and training services designed to improve the efficiency of their grinding operations.  We accomplish this mission by taking the time to understand our customer’s requirements and then working closely with our product manufacturers to provide the right solutions.  We represent abrasive tool manufacturers that provide superb performance and value within their areas of expertise. 


  • Hypo-Grind Nozzles
    Hypo-Grind needle nozzle system is based on a stainless steel tube size of 0.106” ID and 0.134” OD. The proximity of adjacent needles is typically 0.167” spacing, or 6 needles per inch....

  • Needle nozzles were pioneered by Aachen University, Germany, in the 1990s. The nozzles use an array of small diameter tubes, fixed to a chamber or endplate, configured to the shape of the grinding wheel Whilst it has been shown that the flow from a straight tube can be mildly disturbed, the favorable length to diameter ratio of the straight tube in the needle nozzle system acts as a flow stabilizer, minimizing dispersion. Typical needle lengths are 2, 3, and 4 inches long.

    The Hypo-Grind nozzle system is available in either a fixed needle swivel nozzle, fixed needle chamber nozzle (straight or profiled), or re-configurable needle chamber nozzle (Flex). The fixed nozzle chambers are made to order. Both types of chamber nozzles have replaceable endplates that allow the jet profile to be changed to suit the application.

  • Grind-Loc Modular Hose System
    If you can fit loc-line, you can fit Grind-Loc. This modular hose system is based on 2 different internal diameters, 1/2” and 1/4”, and can withstand 100psi by using external element clamps and hard plumbing....

  • Save time, less scrap, and reduce cost with Grind-Loc

    • You will consume far fewer grinding wheels per year.
    • Greater production throughput increases your capacity.
    • Improved surface finish and reduced thermal damage in the final surface.
    • Greater dressing tool life and less time lost due to dressing.
    • A harder grade wheel will hold form without burning the part.

    Grind-Loc features

    • Holds its position under high pressure
    • Delivers a coherent coolant jet so you get excellent heat removal without making contact with the wheel, saving nozzles
    • Sets up with ease! You don’t need a big wrench, and segments you’ve secured don’t move when you adjust the adjoining segments. (If you’ve used competing systems you know what a hassle this can be!)
    • Available in aluminum to eliminate the danger from sparking in oil coolant
    • Interfaces with Loc-Line components
    • Comes in convenient kits for cylindrical grinding, tool grinding, and universal applications, or as sub-assemblies and individual modular components. These kits allow for the installation of up to 15 nozzle systems, and include quantities of all parts that are available individually. 
  • Donut Manifold System
    A modular manifold system that allows multiple nozzles to be fitted to a single NPT port, with rotation clamping. The manifolds allow the Nozzle Tube System, Generic Nozzles and the Grind-Loc System to be grouped in front of the grinding wheel....

  • How It Works

    After taking approximate measurements of where the nozzles should be located on your machine, you can decided the length & amount of nozzles that are required. When assembling the donut manifold, simply thread the ported tube to your coolant output, then slide the donuts needed onto the ported tube (active donuts should have the desired nozzles pre-installed before sliding donut onto ported tube). To finalize the assembly, simply thread the sealed cap onto the end of the ported tube. We have active donuts and blank donuts to accommodate the ideal nozzle position.Relief Groove The active donuts have a relief groove on the inside, to allow coolant flow in any angular orientation. Therefore, the nozzle doesn't need to be aligned with the port. 

    The donut manifold is compatible with all Cool-Grind NPT nozzles. The NPT for the 3 systems are as follows: 3/8" uses 1/4" NPT. 1/2" uses 3/8" NPT & 3/4" uses 1/2" NPT.

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