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HASCO creates clarity

For 94 years, HASCO has been supporting its customers' success with agility, innovative strength, simplicity and performance.

Enabling with System.

Innovators in moldmaking and plastic injection technologies, HASCO is well-prepared to implement the ideas of its customers. With more than 100 inventions and patents, with ready-to-install system components and personalized support.

In order to give customers a better competitive edge, HASCO is developing new digital tools and continuing its technology initiative. This is the company's approach to serve as an innovative and committed partner. For the future of moldmaking and especially for HASCO customers.

Founded 1924 in Germany, HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG is regarded as the inventor of the standard mold unit. HASCO is the world's leading supplier of modular standard mold units and accessories. The company's hallmark is based on state-of-the-art standardized mold products.

With 700 employees worldwide HASCO supplies customized products and services. Investments in new production technologies and infrastructure enable the company to continue setting standards for the future.


  • New HASCO safety couplings Z80700HT/... – Z80801HT

    With its new safety couplings HASCO has set a milestone in safety standards for mold temperature control. An automatic safety lock protects against unintended unlocking....

  • Mold temperature control even safer.

    The forced rotating guide on the locking sleeve still ensures easy decoupling. For safety reasons, a deliberate unlocking movement must be performed each time. This effectively prevents accidental or unintended unlocking. A clearly visible green color coding behind the locking sleeve clearly indicates correct and safe coupling.

    The new safety couplings are ideal for heating and cooling applications with cold or hot water or heating/cooling oil, with high-temperature sealing rings permitting maximum load. They are compatible with the proven HASCO cooling systems, available in diameters of 9 and 13 mm, either with valved or an open flow, and equipped with a connecting thread or hose barb. To achieve maximum safety, it is recommended that hydraulically pressed hoses be used.

    – Automatic safety lock to prevent unintentional decoupling

    – Locking sleeve with forced rotating guide and optical color coding in the locked state

    – High-temperature sealing rings for maximum load

    – Optionally with valved or open flow with connecting thread or hose barb

    – Available in cooling system diameters of 9 and 13mm

  • HASCO Positive locking cylinder Z2302/...
    The higher temperature positive locking cylinder Z2302/... with mechanical final position sensing....

  • For high-temperature applications in compression and injection molding tools up to 180°C, HASCO has, as its latest innovation, introduced the positive locking cylinder Z2302/... with mechanical final position sensing.

    Safe locking at up to 180°C

    Positive locking cylinders are used in injection molds to operate valves, core pulls and similar components.

    The solid design of the new positive locking cylinder and the precise final position sensing via mechanical - proximity switches permits safe locking of the piston rod and is suitable for use with core pulls and mold slides. Service temperatures of up to 180°C are possible.

    The positive locking cylinder has optimized gaskets and is easy to mount. The integrated positive locking means there is no need for an additional locking device on the mold. The cylinder is mounted either with the HASCO flange Z2310/... or the HASCO groove-nut set Z2311/..., which helps with fine setting.

  • HASCO precision flat ground steel F/… series

    Extended precision flat ground steel range includes more than 5,000 dimensions in various steel

  • Companies in the toolmaking, jigs and fixtures, and mechanical engineering industries like to make use of semi-finished products with precision flat ground steel. HASCO has considerably extended its supply range and has now made it even easier for customers to design and manufacture their products.

    With around 2,000 new dimensions, HASCO now supplies more than 5,000 products in precision flat steel in a wide range of steel grades with an unrivalled delivery performance. The semi-finished products are available in lengths of 500 and 1,000 mm, standards of DIN 59350 in terms of dimensions and tolerances and are noted for their high dimensional accuracy and ground surface quality.

    The newly added quality steels 1.0570, 1.2083 and 1.2510* complete the proven flat steel range along with the current line of steels 1.1730, 1.2099HASCO M, 1.2162, 1.2312, 1.2343, 1.2363, 1.2379, 1.2436, 1.2767, and 1.2842* leaving virtually nothing to be desired.

    Most thickness tolerance +0,2 mm (.008”) with some steel types * available to +0,05 mm (.002”) with all being flat and parallel to 0,02/100 mm (.0008”/4”)

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