Precision Laser Technology LLC

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Rochester,  NY  14606

United States
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Precision Laser Technology (PLT) assists many of the leading manufacturers with precision laser details (Engraving, Marking, Texturing, Cutting and Welding Services).

 - Laser Engraving & Laser Texturing for Injection Molding of Plastic Parts

 - Direct Part Marking for Part Idenfication and Traceability (MIL-STD-130, NASA-STD-6002) - Lot Size of 10 to 10k pieces

 - Laser Welding for Mold Repairs and component assemblies.

 - Laser Cutting and Drilling of Thin Metals (50 microns)

With over 20 years of laser experience, PLT continues to develop technologies and process techniques that allow for engravings of unmatched quality, precision and speed.


  • Laser Texturing Services - Aggressive Textures
    Aggressive Textures: Precision Laser Technology is a leader in laser texturing services providing precision quality etching to injection molders worldwide....

  • Many of today’s molds maintain a texture that was either chemically etched or auxiliary machined providing either an aesthetic or functional surface finish to the molded part.  With three-dimensional etching capability, PLT offers the laser etching of surface textures and patterns.

    Complex mold geometry and deep patterns are not a friendly mix for molders.  Undercuts caused by wrapped patterns discourage parts from mold release forcing Designers to either alter their texture selection or depth.  PLT maintains a direct etch angle consistent with the parting line that aids the molding process.

    PLT has successfully textured production molds with three-dimension patterns and industry standard EDM finishes.  Laser Texturing offers a cost-efficient means for hard-to-reach areas and small, flat mold components.

    Proven advantages…

    • Repeatability – The creation of a digital pattern ensures repeatability from tool-to-tool vs. manually transferred wax patterns.
    • Cost Savings – Particularly for small, flat surfaces, molds are handled in the same fashion as if they were to receive a cavity ID. Labor time invested in masking tools and transferring patterns is avoided.
    • Increased Precision – Traditional acid etching requires tool exposure to a chemical bath or spray increasing the risk of depth variances and/or mold damage from masking leaks.  Meeting both aesthetic and functional expectations, textures are lasered into metal or graphite within +/- 0.0005″ of desired depth.
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