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  • MISCO BRIXwatch™ IoT Inline Sensor
    IoT inline sensor providing automated concentration measurements for metalworking fluids. Supports cloud-based data storage, accessible from any computer or smartphone. Fluid management alerts delivered by email or text messaging....

  • BRIXwatch represents a radical new approach to automated real-time meralworking fluid tracking. Once deployed on a sump, or central system, BRIXwatch and pHwatch sensors together continuously track concentration and pH and send readings to MISCO’s OVERwatch Digital-Brain, where history and trend data is viewed using any computer browser, tablet, or smartphone. Because the measurement process is automated, no one has to remember to walk around the plant taking measurements, recording them, and entering them into a computer. Best of all, no one wastes time monitoring sumps that are in spec. Real-time fluid tracking, together with timely corrective action, delivers the best performance from your fluids.

    According to Metalworking Fluids, 2nd ed. (Beyers et al.), “The majority of fluid problems arise due to improper concentration, when the fluid mix becomes too rich or too lean. Evaporation and carry-off losses, approximately 2 to 10% per day, alter the fluid’s mix ratio (pg. 283).” It is also noteworthy that, “A mix that is excellent at 5% may give considerable problems at 3%, and surely will at lower strengths. Not only can the corrosion inhibitors be over-diluted, but microbial damage (as discussed earlier) can set in (Pg. 194).

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