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Utilizing over 50 years of experience, T. J. Snow Company is the full-service leader in the resistance welding industry, providing the most comprehensive and competitive inventory of New and Used Resistance Welding MachineryResistance Welding Parts and SuppliesIndustrial Water Chillers and Industrial Spring Balancers in the country. T. J. Snow is also the industry leader Resistance Welding service, consulting and training.

In addition to standard options such as Slim Line Pedestal-type Spot & Projection Welders, Heavy Duty Projection and Spot Welders and Standard Multi-Gun Equipment, we also offer custom Multi-Gun Welders and Turnkey Robotics Systems. We are also more than excited to lead the industry in CD (Capacitor Discharge) welding

With the most diversified inventory of Resistance Welding Equipment and Supplies in the country, experienced service department, and the ability to make emergency service calls, T. J. Snow provides the sudden service your production depends on.

Visit us at booth B28012 or e-mail us to get started.   

 Press Releases

  • Resistance welding is trainable! If you’re wondering how competitors are improving their resistance welding quality, search no further. T. J. Snow offers comprehensive resistance welding seminars suitable even for beginners. In addition to customized training at your facility, public one-day regional seminars are offered at convenient locations around the country.  Courses cover the basics of resistance welding and how to choose the right welder for your application.  Additional subjects include how the welder and controls work, maintenance, troubleshooting, weld schedules, tooling and safety. For more information, visit booth B28012 and https://tjsnow.com/seminars/.

  • T. J. Snow Company is excited to present a new addition- https://www.industrialspringbalancer.com/. Spring Tool balancers are time and effort savers, keeping your assembly tools close at hand and easy to grab. Any load correctly suspended will "float" in space and can be moved with minimal effort. Even with heavy items, the spring tool balancer helps prevent workplace injuries by allowing a more than 350 lb object to be moved up and down with two fingers. Come by booth C12829 to test them for yourself, and see how spring tool balancers can improve your process. 

  • Capacitor Discharge Resistance Welding is a special form of Resistance/ Projection welding in which the welding energy is provided by the release of energy stored from a large capacitor bank. Designed for high-precision, mass production, high capacitive discharge resistance welding solutions are available from T. J. Snow ranging from 1 – 160 kJoules. 

    • Instantaneous high secondary currents
    • Minimal heat affected zone
    • High operating efficiency
    • Ideal for show surfaces
    • No alteration of work piece metallurgy
    • No surface deformation
    • No spatter
    • No power service upgrades necessary
    • Long electrode life (usually does not require cooling due to low heat input)
    • Quality measures
    • Low equipment maintenance
    • An effective solution for welding dissimilar materials
    • Carbonized steel and hardened steel
    • Monitoring and documentation standard in all models
  • (Sep 30, 2019)
    Your safety is the primary concern of T. J. Snow Company. That's why we continue to endorse and recommend Unitrol's Soft Touch Pinch Point Safety System. A fully passive pinch point safety system that can be added to most existing resistance weld controls. The system acknowledges the difference between a metal or foreign substance placed between two electrodes. If the material doesn't pass current (like a finger,) the soft touch system will prevent the machine from welding. For more information and to see this in action visit Booth #B28012 or visit tjsnow.com.


  • Quick Dress Kit for Electrode Dressers
    An electrode dresser & blade accompanied by a full adjustable mounting kit to keep your dresser within operator reach....

  • Keeping your electrodes functioning properly is key to proper resistance welds. Maintaining efficiency while accomplishing that goal can be difficult. The TJS Quick Dress Kit is the first comprehensive dress kit for Resistance Welding that offers not just an electrode and blade, but also comes with a hanger and air hose tool balancer to keep your electrode dresser off the floor and within operator reach. Check it out in booth B28012 and visit tjsnow.com for more information. 

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