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Located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the small town of Mercer, Imperial Systems is among the top dust collection equipment manufacturing businesses in North America. Our values are built on designing and installing custom industrial dust collection systems with the strongest, most durable, fabrication to meet our customer’s needs.

We also manufacture industry leading products, engineered for outstanding quality, safety and value. We maintain a large inventory of Imperial Systems manufactured dust collection equipment while guaranteeing shipments for most products within 24 hours of the order. As a customer-driven solutions provider, we’ve earned credibility and have established strong relationships by exceeding expectations with professional service and attitude.

Our product line includes: CMAXX Dust and Fume Cartridge Collectors, DeltaMAXX Cartridge and Bag Filters, BRF Baghouse Dust Collectors, Pulse Jet Baghouses, Cyclone Dust Collectors, Airlocks, Slide Gates, Abort Gates, Spark Traps, Backdraft Dampers, Flex Hose and all duct and components.

Our network of Imperial Systems Inc. representatives are all highly trained problem solvers with specialized training in supporting our clients. Contact us about your operation and one of our local representatives will give you a call.

Installation & Service

Imperial Systems, Inc. field crews are fully trained to install and service a wide variety of dust collection systems all over the United States and Canada. Our field crews are committed to safe working practices and following customer facility regulations.

 Press Releases

  • The CMAXX vertical cartridge dust and fume collector continues to excel in metalworking industries. With its DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters and industry leading heavy-duty construction, the CMAXX is now the dust and fume collector of choice for many welding, plasma, and laser equipment manufacturers. Our level of quality and service continues to attract the attention of the industry. 

    Vertical filter alignment improves pulse cleaning efficiency, extending filter life. This allows filters to handle even very fine particulate like welding and cutting smoke. The CMAXX is also designed for durability, with the domed CrownTech weather-shedding roof, no external bolt holes, and an industrial powder coated finish. 

    The CMAXX also features specially designed lift rails for filters. Making filter changeouts much easier, these lift rails align the filters and prevent them from ramping on top of each other. Maintenance professionals and engineers who get to inspect the CMAXX in person praise its ease of use, quality construction, and unique design features. 

    Visit our booth at FABTECH for an opportunity to explore everything the CMAXX has to offer. You’ll find out why it’s becoming the dust and fume collector of choice across the metalworking industry. Customers who get a chance to experience the CMAXX in person understand what makes it the best dust collector on the market.

  • The CMAXX dust and fume collector can be used for source capture of weld fumes, but it can also be used as an ambient fume control system. The modular design of the CMAXX allows adding multiple collectors if the need for air filtration increases. 

    As part of an ambient weld fume system, the CMAXX with DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters pulls air from the work space, filters it, and either vents it outdoors or returns it to the facility. With a correctly sized dust and fume collector, this process minimizes exposure to fumes and keeps the entire area clean. 

    An ambient system works well for facilities where source capture methods, like hoods or fume arms, cannot cover all the places where welders work. For example, if the facility produces large pieces of equipment and the welders move around to work on different parts, an ambient system can remove fumes from the whole work area. 

    For hazardous materials such as stainless steel, a source capture method may be necessary to keep exposure within safe limits. Source capture means the use of hoods, weld arms, or downdraft tables to remove fumes at the point where they are generated. 

     Consult with the Imperial Systems team to determine whether source capture or ambient weld fume control will work best for your application. Whichever you choose, the modular CMAXX design makes sure that your dust and fume collection system can grow with your business.

  • (Oct 22, 2019)

    The Rhino Drum is a third party tested and NFPA approved product that takes the place of an airlock for passive explosion isolation. In explosion testing, the Rhino Drum handled up to 7 psi. It meets the NFPA 69 and 654 Standards as a passive explosion isolation device, so if a deflagration occurs, it won’t escape outside the drum.

    A standard airlock requires a motor, starter, wiring, and wipers. It also requires maintenance on all these parts. The Rhino Drum requires no motor or wiring and is virtually maintenance free, with no moving parts. It is far less expensive than an airlock as well as saving time on parts and labor. The simplistic design eliminates many of the possible problems, including injuries, that can happen with an airlock.  

    The Rhino Drum uses a metal collar to replace connection materials like flex hose, which can melt in an explosion. The twist and lock design has been developed with customers in mind, making barrel changeout easier and quicker. The Rhino Drum is also tool-free. 

    The Rhino Drum features a drum dolly, heavy duty drum, optional grounding wire, tool-free sliding coupler, and slide gate featuring an improved aluminum handle. One major advantage of the slide gate is that it allows drum changeout without shutting down the dust collector. By simply closing the slide gate, the dust collector can continue to operate normally while the drum is replaced. 

    Imperial Systems products continue to offer our customers innovative products that make dust and fume collection easier and safer.

  • (Oct 22, 2019)

    Dust collection containers cause serious problems if they overflow or back up into the system. However, checking them regularly uses up valuable time. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had a sensor that could tell you when the container was full without even opening the lid? Imperial Systems now offers the dust level sensor to save you time and money. 

    The dust level sensor allows monitoring of multiple drums or other material collection containers. A sensor is placed into each drum through the lid. The sensor sends a signal into the drum and detects the level of material inside. A light on the dust level sensor panel indicates which drum needs to be emptied, before the drum becomes too full and overflows. 

    Use of the dust level sensor prevents having to manually open and check drums. The panel monitors up to four drums, and each sensor has its own indicator light. The dust level sensor is a cost-efficient solution to automate the monitoring of dust collection containers. It also saves time that would be wasted manually checking the drums. The sensor can monitor anywhere from one to four drums. It is easy to wire and mount.

  • (Oct 22, 2019)

    The Spark Trap spark arrestor helps prevent sparks from entering your dust collector and starting a fire. Sparks that find their way into the ductwork will enter the Spark Trap, which causes them to slow down and lose heat. This key safety device can help prevent the vast majority of dust collector fires. 

    The Imperial Systems Spark Trap has no moving parts. An easy-open cleanout door allows removal of accumulated dust. The Spark Trap is available in standard sizes 6” through 40” standard, it and can be made to other sizes as a special item. Raw ends, flanged ends, and quick connect clamp ends are all available to make installation easy. 

    Spark arrestors are an important part of a dust collection system that meets NFPA standards. Our heavy-duty Spark Trap will resist damage and weather. Talk to the Imperial Systems staff about how a Spark Trap can help protect your dust collector, your building, and your employees from fire.

  • (Oct 22, 2019)

    At Imperial Systems, we want your dust and fume collector to run smoothly and protect you. That’s why we offer our ServiceMAXX program. Our experienced team can service any type of dust collector, fume collector, baghouse, or other similar system. Teams are available to travel anywhere within the USA to provide service. 

    Services that may be scheduled based on your needs include troubleshooting, filter changeouts, fluorescent dye leak testing, and replacement or repair of damaged parts. Our teams can also arrange to perform regular scheduled maintenance on your system to maintain air quality and safety standards.

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