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Ecogate is the best dust collection control system on the planet.

Our dust collection control system knows when your machines are working and when they aren't. 

By modulating fan power based on your needs in real-time (and directing airflow where it needs to go), Ecogate gives you exactly the right amount of airflow second by second, day by day.

On average, we save our customers 68% on their dust collection electricity bill.

That's thousands of dollars more in your pocket every single month, from day one. Don't waste that money on electricity you don't need - spend it on new machinery, product line expansion, or research that will move your company forward.

Never worry about dust collection again.

Ecogate will automate everything about your dust collection system: our controls will start the dust collector when work begins in the morning, and turn it off at the end of each shift. Ecogate will adjust the fan speed automatically based on machine demands in real-time, and direct airflow where it needs to go using automatic blast gates. Your dust collection system will use significantly less electricity while providing superior performance. This also means Ecogate will increase the capacity of existing systems - without changing your dust collector or fan.

Our products are designed for tough industrial applications.

We have been making on-demand ventilation systems for over 20 years, and all that experience goes into every product we make. Ecogate is the only system in the world that continually measures pressure, air velocity, and air volume at each gate and in the main duct. We use these values to control the system such that transport velocities are always maintained throughout the duct system, and to give you world-leading electricity savings. No other system in the world can give you the same insight and reliability. All of our products are designed for long-term, heavy use in industrial environments. That is why segment leaders such as IKEA, Tesla Motors, Boeing, and others rely on Ecogate to manage their dust collection systems.

Ecogate is good for your people, your planet, and your bottom line.

By significantly reducing the amount of electricity you use, Ecogate reduces the environmental footprint of your operations, moving you closer to sustainability. 


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