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  • FABTECH 2019 is fast approaching. One of the hot topics at this year’s show will be B2B digital sales strategies


    Patty Cisco, MBA principal and founder of leading digital marketing and sales agency Marketing Essentials in New Bremen, Ohio, will be leading the session “Modern Sales Strategies to Reach Business Goal.”


    A challenge Cisco continually hears from B2B clients is: “My sales team can’t get anyone on the phone anymore.”


    Buyers today conduct their own internal research, which includes everything from Google search, social media, friend recommendations and scouting various web sources, before they ever get on a call with sales. In fact, most buyers move through 60-70% of the decision-making process before they ever engage with a salesperson. 


    As a result, the role of sales and marketing has significantly changed, with marketing teams taking over many aspects of the sales process, and sales focusing on deeper relationships and consultative and advisory support. 


    This is a big shift. It brings a number of challenges for B2B marketing and sales teams to overcome.


    At FabTech 2019, Cisco will be addressing today’s sales challenges in this session dedicated to sales executives, reps and marketing leaders who are ready to learn the dynamics of modern sales enablement strategies.


    Her presentation will include:

    • How to enable today’s sales team with the technology, process and digital content they need to sell efficiently in a digital age. 

    • How to create and align sales and marketing in the B2B manufacturing world.

    • How to access the maturity level of your existing sales enablement program, and how to create an action plan.


    About Patty Cisco,CEO Marketing Essentials

    Patty Cisco, MBA is the principal and founder of leading inbound digital marketing agency, Marketing Essentials. Patty Cisco inspires executives, managers, and professionals with her exceptional business acumen and unbridled passion. An experienced growth catalyst, Patty draws on her broad operations management and strategic planning expertise to deliver transformative data-driven results that attract, engage, nurture and convert qualified leads with inbound digital marketing and sales programs. With 25 years of experience in industrial and business management, she is recognized as a leading inbound digital marketing and sales strategist and coach. Patty is a widely sought-after guest blogger, webinar, workshop and conference presenter and keynote speaker. She holds a BA from Bluffton University and an MBA from the University of Findlay.


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  • Digital Marketing Audit
    We audit how customers are finding you: • Website/SEO • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) • Online Directories (Google My Business, Yelp, etc.) You will receive: • Comprehensive Data Report and Health Scores • In-depth improvement recommendations ...

  • Businesses set a digital marketing budget each year. Tactics such as blogging, social media posting, and pay-per-click (Google) ads can be quite effective, but also quite costly. Marketing Essential's new solution, The Digital Marketing Audit, ensures your marketing efforts maximize ROI with minimum spend.


    We audit the channels that customers are finding and learning more about your company. These channels include:


    - Website/SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    - Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)

    - Online Directories and Listings (Google My Business, Yelp, etc)


    Once our audit is complete, you will receive:


    - Comprehensive Data Report and Health Scores

    - In-depth recommendations for improvement


    Each audit is customized and priced based on your unique business needs and current digital efforts. Contact us to set up an audit consultation so we can map out what data needs to be analyzed and what deliverables will best suit your organization.

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