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Weld Engineering Co., Inc. manufactures the most complete and advanced line of Submerged Arc Flux recovery and flux handling products in the world.   We are very focused and committed to offering the highest quality equipment for the welding industry.   We have over 170 machines and components and can help with any Flux Recovery problem, from Standard Duty applications to Super Heavy Duty Pipe Mill applications. We have the equipment to fit any flux recovery needs.

We design and manufacture automated, self-cleaning flux vacuums, dust collectors, ovens and pressure feed tanks with a commitment to cost reduction and very high productivity.  Proper flux handling systems will reduce welding costs by recycling a very valuable resource (flux), reduce labor expenses (by reducing flux handling and clean up time), and will help to create a safer, healthier and more productive work environment.  

Continuous live demonstrations of flux recovery will be taking place at Booth #B18035.


  • HFH-100-E/P - Heated Auto Flux Hopper/Separator
    The HFH-100-E/P is a heated 150 pound (or larger) low-mount flux hopper and separator that automatically transfers recovered flux to the welding torch for continuous welding and flux recovery operation. Used with the Mighty-Mac Super Duty Vacuums....

  • The HFH-100-E/P is the extreme heavy duty, automatic hopper/separator for continuous duty.

    • 150 Lbs. Capacity. (300 Lbs. and larger capacity available upon request.)
    • No interruptions. Internal flux transfer valve allows for continuous duty flux recovery operation.
    • Automatic. System transfers recovered flux on a timed cycle for reuse.
    • Heated Hopper. Temperature up to (250°F [121°C]) blocks entry of H2O into the flux, preventing hydrogen-assisted cracking of the weld.
    • Not sensitive to head height. Unlike standard hoppers, the HFH-100-E/P can be mounted as close to the welding torch as possible.
    • Used in extreme, continuous duty flux recovery operations, typically on spiral pipe mills
    • Flux Port can be used to load hopper before or during operation. Flux can also be pressure fed to the lower hopper. Use our HPT-100 or larger heated pressure feed tank.

    For use with Mighty Mac Super Duty Vacuums

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    Visit our booth # B18035, call 508-842-2224, or email sales@weldengineering.com for more information.

  • AS-4 - New and Improved Electric Flux Recovery
    The *new and improved* AS-4 is the Mighty-Might standard duty submerged arc flux recovery system with patented self-cleaning filter technology. Inexpensive, rugged, powerful. Mounts onto most sub arc welding equipment....

  • The new and improved AS-4 is the electric flux recovery system designed with a patented self-cleaning technology. 

    • Inexpensive, rugged, powerful.
    • Easily mounts onto most automatic submerged arc welding equipment.
    • Powerful electric vacuum.
    • Revolutionary (patented) self-cleaning dust and fines filter for hours of uninterrupted operation.
    • Flashing light tells operator when to clean dust bag for maximum efficiency.
    • Remote control on/off pendant turns AS-4 on and off remotely.
    • Direct recycling of flux back to hopper.
    • Fused slag is automatically separated from flux.
    • Dust and fines are collected in a dust bag for easy dumping.
    • Sight window on AS-4 and hopper for easy flux level indication.
    • Versatile, with quick attach options.
    • System comes complete with 5 ft. (1.52 m) hose, hopper mounting brackets, sight window for hopper, dust bag, and NZ-1 flux pick-up nozzle. 

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    Visit our booth # B18035, call 508-842-2224, or email sales@weldengineering.com for more information.

  • LAFV-32 & MAFV-32 - OEM Replacement Hopper Valves
    The LAFV-32 and MAFV-32 valves will give you complete valve closure and will prevent problems associated with OEM hopper valves, especially using pressure feed (PT-100, HPT-100, PFR-3000, HPR-3000, HPFR-HAMX-3000) or flux recovery (XP-3, XP-4T) systems....

  • The LAFV-32 and MAFV-32 air powered hopper valves are the upgrade to the standard OEM Lincoln and Miller hopper valves. 

    • Tighter Tolerances. Does not leak flux like standard OEM hopper valves.
    • Stronger Closing Force. Replaces the spring return with a pneumatic piston.
    • Automatic. Operated using the OEM equipment controls.
    • Manual open/close button. Override the OEM controls to open or close the valve.
    • Ideal for use with pressure feed systems (ie., PFR-3000, HPR-3000, and HPFR-HAMX-3000) to prevent leakage of flux and valve failure.
    • Ideal for use with compact flux recovery units (ie., XP-3 & XP-4T) to prevent leakage of flux and valve failure. 

    Click Here For The LAFV-32 / MAFV-32 Catalog Page.

    Visit our booth # B18035, call 508-842-2224, or email sales@weldengineering.com for more information.

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