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  • DTC Products’ Patented SlugKeeper Slug Retention Machine

    Prevents Damaging Slugs from Pulling During Stamping

    Booth D46247

                DTC Products Inc. will exhibit its patented SlugKeeper Slug Retention Machine, that prevents slugs from pulling out of the die cavity during stamping operation. The unique device uses a pneumatically-powered grinder to precisely machine a small angled groove into the sidewall of the die cavity in a stamping die in order to prevent slugs from pulling onto the die surface where they can damage the metal strip, the stamped part or the stamping die itself.

                The device includes a one thumb screw to quickly adjust the grinder height, a plunger style grinder head assembly, and a grinder head adjustable depth stop to control the grinder’s depth into the die cavity. Each of these features helps the operator quickly and more accurately position and control the grinder position.

                The grinder assembly is adjustable to three height positions, each ½ inch apart, enabling it to work with a wider range of part thicknesses, and features flex lights which the operator can position to see clearly into the cavity, providing better visual inspection of the work area.

                The groove produced by the grinder is 0.025mm to 0.127mm deep and machined at an angle of 2-5 degrees to the die surface, which creates a precise amount of slug interference. During stamping, slugs expand into these precision grooves, which prevents them from pulling out of the die cavity and onto the die surface where they can cause expensive damage to the stamping die or to parts which will have to be scrapped.



                DTC Products Inc. is owned by the owners of Dec Tool Corporation, which has been a leader in designing and building of tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and die components, utilizing equipment such as Wire EDM, CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, Conventional EDM, Hole Popping, and Jig Grinders; and also has stamping lines with presses from 20 tons to 250 tons. The SlugKeeper Slug Retention Machine has been tested and proven, since Dec Tool has put SlugKeeper Grooves in all their die openings for over 7 years with no slug pulling issues. Building over 50 dies per year that means over 350 dies have SlugKeeper Grooves in the die cavities without slug problems. Dec Tool has been in business for over 35 years and is located in St. Charles, Illinois along with DTC Products Inc.

    DTC Products manufactures products used in new die construction, including DTC Ball Lock Holders and DTC True Bend, in addition to the DTC Slug Retention Machine. For more information, visit the company’s web sites at www.dtcproductsinc.com or www.dectool.com.

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