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  • XL Series Scissor Lift Tables from Presto ECOA are industrial grade hydraulic lift tables for use in a wide variety of manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, metalworking, woodworking, and repair shop applications.
    17 standard models are available in capacities of 2,000, 4,000, 6,000 and 8,000 lbs. Standard platforms range from 24” x 36” up to 24” x 86”. Larger platforms up to 48” x 120” are readily available. Lift heights range from 31” up to 70”.
    Lifting and lowering is controlled by either a hand pendant or optional footswitch. 
    All Presto XL Series Lifts are built for dependable performance and long service life. Features include heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders with chrome-plated piston rods, hydraulic hoses designed to withstand four times the system's operating pressure without bursting, lifetime lubricated bearings and ¾” steel plate scissor legs. A safety maintenance bar stores conveniently in the base and holds the unit securely in the up position during inspection and maintenance.
    XL Series Lifts can be equipped with a wide variety of options and accessories to better suit specific application requirements. Platforms can be configured with conveyor or ball transfer tops, beveled edges or even turntables. The addition of a tilt top allows work to be positioned at the most comfortable height and angle. Scissor mechanisms can be placed in tandem configurations to allow additional capacity — up to 12,000 lbs. Portability options include fork pockets mounted to the base frame, four casters mounted under the base or a semi-live with skid spotter arrangement.  Other options include bellows skirting, power unit upgrades, DC power, travel limit switches, and many more.
    XL Series Lifts are ideal for a wide variety of uses including loading and unloading pallets, feeding flat stock to punches brakes and presses, feeding parts and blanks at drills and machining centers, inspection, repair, assembly and many more.

    For more information, contact Rick daSilva, Presto ECOA Lifts, 50 Commerce Way, Norton, MA 02766, TEL: (508) 952-4000, TOLL FREE: (800) 343-9322, FAX: (888) 788-6496, or email:

  • PT Series Container Tilters from Presto ECOA tilt containers up to 85˚ to allow workers to access contents without bending into the container. As containers tilt up, items, even those at the bottom, end up at a comfortable position for easy retrieval.

    These portable, battery powered container tilters go anywhere they are needed making them ideal for applications that require sharing between multiple users or work cells, or where workers need to pick up and return containers to and from staging areas. They work with a variety of containers including wire baskets, plastic totes, and gaylords.

    Power is provided by a 12V maintenance-free, leak-proof battery with internal charger.  Optional 115V AC or air motors are available. Tilt is controlled by a pushbutton pendant that allows operators to tilt the load to any angle between 0˚ and 85˚. The unit’s push handle lowers when not in use further improving access to container contents. A foot operated floor lock keeps the tilter securely in position as items are being accessed.

    Non-Straddle (PT Series) units work with most standard containers or choose a Straddle (PTS Series) unit for use with containers that have reinforcing leg bars. Both configurations are equipped with 40 inch long forks.  2,000 or 4,000 lb. capacities are available.

    For more information, contact Rick daSilva, Presto ECOA Lifts, 50 Commerce Way, Norton, MA 02766, TEL: (508) 952-4000, TOLL FREE: (800) 343-9322, FAX: (888) 788-6496, or email:

  • The PowerStak™ family of high performance, fully powered stackers from Presto ECOA offer significant performance advantages over manual stackers and significant cost savings versus forklift trucks. Because they feature both powered lift and powered drive, operation is nearly effortless for any operator regardless of their size or physical strength.

    Compact design, low overall weight, and quiet operation allow them to fit nicely into a wide variety of work environments including warehouses, loading docks, manufacturing and assembly work cells, retail sales floors and more.

    An abundance of performance and convenience features make PowerStak Stackers the safest, easiest to operate powered stackers available. All models feature an ergonomically designed control handle that puts all functions including lift, lower, forward and reverse within easy reach for operator comfort and convenience. Redundant design allows all controls to be accessed by the operator’s right or left hand. An instrument control panel features a key switch, emergency e-stop, battery status indicator and hour meter. For operator safety, an auto-reversing belly switch protects operators from potential injury when walking the unit backwards, while an automatic brake halts travel when the drive/steering handle is released. A Turtle Speed switch reduces drive speed by 50% to give operators more precise control when working in high traffic areas, tight quarters, or accessing items in racks. Base and straddle legs fabricated from solid steel provide additional rigidity and eliminate deflection, even under maximum load.  The electrical system features a reliable, industry-recognized controller and contactors. Power is delivered by two sealed, maintenance-free AGM batteries.

    PowerStak Stackers are available in multiple configurations including fork-over for use with open bottom pallets, straddle for use with any style pallet including closed bottom, and counterbalanced for loading and unloading trucks or for use where straddle legs would cause interference use. Available capacities range from 1,000 – 3,000 pounds with lifting heights up to 150”.

    For more information, contact Rick daSilva, Presto ECOA Lifts, 50 Commerce Way, Norton, MA 02766, TEL: (508) 952-4000, TOLL FREE: (800) 343-9322, FAX: (888) 788-6496, or email:

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