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  • Shape-to-Motion™ (SELF PROGRAMMING ROBOT)
    SELF PROGRAMMING ROBOTS FOR HIGH MIX LOW VOLUME For various surface treatment and finishing processes. Our technology supports many robotic arms from major manufacturers. No teaching, No programming. Ever....


    No teaching, No programming. Ever.

    Like autonomous cars, autonomous robots can see, plan and execute a given task by themselves. Unlike current industrial robots, no one has to teach or program autonomous robots how to move. Omnirobotic has developed the Shape-to-Motion™ technology, giving life to the first-ever Autonomous Industrial Robots.


    STEP 1/3 - SEE

    Omnirobotic's technology can perceive the world around it. 3D information of parts to be processed can come from various sources:

    • OmniScanner: Omnirobotic's 3D scanning system
    • CAD File export
    • 3D sensors from third parties

    STEP 2/3 - PLAN

    Shape-to-Motion™ Technology will automatically generate Tool Path in accordance with the robot's equipped tool. The Shape-to-Motion™ Technology will use a virtual representation of the robot and physical surrounding to explore how the robot can move in space, avoiding collisions, singularities, and joints limits.


    STEP 3/3 - EXECUTE

    Once optimal robot's motion is found, a Trajectory is generated. Omnirobotic can select the appropriate robot and tool for each application, from manufacturers and tool vendors.

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