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Stop by booth #B13030 to explore how Graco empowers you move beyond your finishing challenges with confidence, innovation, knowledge and support. Our goal is to not only to exceed your expectations when it comes to equipment longevity, reliability and performance, but provide you with the tools you need to choose the products that are right for your application.

• Autmation Paint Systems

• Intelligent Paint Kitchen

• Electrostatic Spray Guns

• Rotary Bell Atomizers

• Proportioners

• Manual Spray Guns & Packages





2 TO 3:30 P.M.

Get your questions about automating liquid finishing operations answered by a panel of experts. Exact topics will depend on audience questions, but they could include:

• Project specifications

• Investing in capital equipment

• ROI calculations, using real world examples and stepping through the process

• Total cost of ownership

• Lessons learned from automation

• Success stories from a range of cost and need implementations

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  • Automated Paint Systems
    Graco's proportioners and automatic spray guns easily integrate with robotics and reciprocators to decrease costs and increase quality. ...

  • Pair with Graco Automatic Conventional Applicators, Automatic Electrostatic Applicators and Automatic Metering and Mixing to achieve: 

    • Lower operating costs by reducing material waste by up to 30 percent
    • Reduce labor costs while dramatically improving quality, reducing scrap and rework due to operator erro
    • Protect employees from dangerous conditions and repetitive tasks
    • Achieve high transfer efficiency, lowering the amount of paint sprayed, VOCs and waste disposal

    By easily managing all spraying variables from one familiar controller, you get total paint control. Plus, everything seamlessly integrates with robots, reciprocators and fixed guns in both 1K or 2K applications.

    • Up to 80% reduction in flushing waste and faster color changes with remote mixing
    • Maximize transfer efficiency, improve finish quality and boost performance with Graco applicators
    • Partnerships with distributors, integrators and robot manufacturers to connect you with the best in the business
  • Intelligent Paint Kitchen
    Smart, modular,easy and cost-effective system to monitor and control your paint mix room without the use of a PLC....

  • Superb Results: Optimizes the balance and performance of your paint supply and circulation system(s) which leads to a perfect quality finish.
    • Excellent finish
    • Consistent quality
    • Reduced paint degradation
    Maximum Efficiency: Monitors and controls pressure, flow rates, tank levels and agitator speeds to ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency.
    • Easy start up and operation
    • Modular and scalable design
    • Less human error
    Reduce Costs: Inexpensive way to take full control of your paint mix room. You save on installation, operating costs, programming and paint.
    • Cost-effective
    • No programming required
    • Increased competitiveness
    Top Productivity: Makes sure your paint supply and circulation systems are up and running at all time, informing you and adjusting when necessary.
    • Minimal downtime
    • Always on and connected
    • Ready for IoT and Industry Standard 4.0 
  • ProBell
    Graco’s ProBell Rotary Applicators not only deliver a superior quality, high transfer efficiency and precision spraying, they're also lightweight and compact for lower payload robots or reciprocators....

  • With our ProBell rotary applicator, you get high performance spraying with intuitive controls and a modular, scalable design. Plus you have the flexibility to start small with one controller and work your way up to more, or install a complete system all at once, accommodating your specific installation and budget needs. And at 60,000 RPM, you not only get high production speeds for your industrial application, but the precision balanced cup also gives you low vibration.

    • Modularity allows customers to design a system to meet their production needs and budget
    • Easy system integration with existing PLC or new installation
    • Compact, lightweight design allows for lower payload robots or reciprocators to be used - saving money
    • Dual shaping air improves pattern shape and transfer efficiency for better overall finish quality
    • Controller interface allows for easy management of spray parameters
    • Improved safety and reliability with a low voltage cable and adjustable arc detection settings
    • Configurations for a Hollow Wrist Robot, Solid Wrist Robot, Fixed Mount or Reciprocator Mount
    • Bell cups are optimized for superior spraying with a variety of pattern sizes and flow rates
    • 2 different aluminum finishes (including high wear for abrasive materials) or composite construction for bell cups
  • Pro Xp Electrostatic Spray Guns
    Whatever your application, Graco has the spray gun model that fits your needs. Over 50 application-based gun models designed to improve durability, ease of adjustments, and spray performance. ...

  • – Bell-like round spray to maximize wrap around cylindrical objects
    – Soft spray for small and lightweight parts
    – Aerospace aircaps designed to quickly cover large areas with the finest finish
    – + HVLP, high air flow and quick fan adjust options
  • Active Surge Suppressor
    Minimizes pulsation by actively managing charge air in chamber. This provides consistent pressure between the pump and applicator during changeovers....

  • The active surge suppressor provides finishing operations consistent fluid pressure - without the complexity and extra cost of air intensifiers / higher pressure air. The auto adjust, air and flush-ability feature saves maintenance time and costs.The pump-mounted version goes directly onto the pump, taking less space and fewer parts, joints, hoses, etc.

    • Set it and forget it. Automatically adjusts, adding to long-term functionality
    • Works off shop air (80 to 100 psi) already installed in plant. No need to buy high pressure air tanks and carry it around
    • Active air pressure compensation eliminates need for periodic air pressure checks
    • Automatic self-adjustment eliminates the need to manually adjust air pressure to stay on target
    • Improved flush-ability - Flushes cleanly and thoroughly in between colors. The shape of the housing optimizes the fluid path for good flush-ability (less crevices, etc)
    • Better failure mode than current product and competition - If a diaphragm ruptures, the fluid and the air are separated by a seal that will keep the paint from contaminating the air section of the surge suppressor the incoming air line
    • Saves space  / smaller version takes less plumbing - Direct mount will be substantially smaller than existing Graco product and competition. It looks like part of the pump, not something on a stand, separate from set up

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