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  • KSCAN 3D Scanner
    KSCAN20 3D scanner integrates photogrammetry function with a super-wide scan area and 0.035mm/m and dual laser scan mode with high efficiency and ultra-detail performance. It supports probing function, correctly acquiring 3D data of hole, plane and edge....

  • Based on various onsite demonstrations and customers’ feedback, we have an insight into the demands of 3D measurement in numerous applications. On April 17, 2019, ScanTech officially launched our metrology 3D scanner KSCAN at CIMT, Beijing.

    KSCAN 3D scanner is a professional 3D scanner with the widest applications. KSCAN redefines what the portable 3D scanners are. It integrates photogrammetry function and dual laser scan mode which are global initiative technologies. The built-in photogrammetry function greatly expands the scan area and improves volumetric accuracy. KSCAN combines high efficiency and ultra-detail benefitting from dual laser scan mode.

    KSCAN 3D scanner forms its extraordinary strengths by merging all the functions of non-contact measurement:

    • Upgraded performance in accuracy, measurement rate, scan area, depth of field, hardware, assistant parts, user experience, etc.
    • Innovative functions in probing and edge detection. Get over with the demerits of traditional 3D scanners for measuring datum hole, hidden point, features, sheet metal, and hole & edge detection of sheet metal.
    • Multi-functional 3D software: ScanViewer supports different inspection functions such as pipe measurement, deformation detection and GD&T.

    KSCAN supports probing that can correctly acquire the 3D data of hole, plane, edge, etc. KSCAN can work with ScanViewer to fulfill different inspection functions such as pipe inspection, deformation detection and GD&T, which conducts effective, reliable and full-scale 3D measurement technologies for product design and inspection professionals.

    Unique Features of KSCAN 3D Scanner:

    • Unlimited Measuring Range

    Excellent performance on scanning large-scale objects and small parts. Capture the 3D data of plane even coin realistically.

    • Built-in Photogrammetry

    Volumetric accuracy is up to 0.035mm/m to bring more convenience for scanning large workpieces.

    • Probing Function

    Portable CMM supports different working modes that make better performance in measuring holes, hidden points, features, assembly detection, etc.

    • Two Laser Sources in One Scanner

    The red and blue laser scan modes integrate high flexibility and efficiency. Blue laser mode easily captures extreme details with 10μm resolution.

    • Create the Easiest Pipe Inspection

    ScanViewer includes a professional pipe inspection function that can directly export YBC/LRA data to eliminate deviations of pipe bender.

    • Best Choice for Deformation Detection

    KSCAN detects the micro-deformation of the objects and generates a deformation report by ScanViewer.

    • Intelligent Edge Inspection

    Automatically obtains edge information by taking high-resolution images from different directions.

    KSCAN redefines what the portable 3D scanners are with its two global initiative technologies. It increases volumetric accuracy from 0.06mm/m to 0.035mm/m just by one machine and offers full-size solutions for objects from 0.02m to 10m.

    ScanTech always unswervingly complies with customer-oriented and puts forward many comprehensive 3D measurement solutions through professional technologies and self-innovation spirit.

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