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Since 1951, MASTER CHEMICAL CORP ,now Master Fluid Solutions has provided innovative cutting & grinding fluids, cutting oils, concentrated washing and cleaning compounds and rust preventatives under the TRIM® and Master STAGES™ brand trademarks. These products are environmentally sound and when used in conjunction with our XYBEX® Coolant Recycling and Filtration Systems, are the most durable and stable products available anywhere today.

TRIM: Known worldwide for superior performance, it meets the demands of specialized industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical parts manufacturers. TRIM delivers longer tool and sump life, better finished parts, and a better bottom line.

Master STAGES: A full line of parts cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, and maintenance cleaners. These products meet stringent requirements to keep customers environmentally compliant and running at peak performance.


 Press Releases

  • As a leading supplier of aerospace components, contamination is a serious problem. One UK-based supplier that performs milling, turning, drilling, and tapping operations at its facility had to face such an issue. This supplier machines aerospace-grade aluminum, with 19 machines in total consisting of mills, machining centers, and lathes. The aerospace industry requires a precision operation, while also minimizing downtime for the machines.


    The aerospace components supplier encountered a problem controlling bacterial contamination in its metalworking fluid. This meant it had to conduct regular machine cleans of approximately two to three machines per month. It took half a day to clean and refill the machines and the lost machine time cost $76 per hour. The existing metalworking fluid also periodically caused machining issues. The machines would tap oversize holes, which meant those component parts would have to be completely scrapped. Each scrapped component resulted in a $2,330 loss.


    Weary of losing more money and productivity, the aerospace components supplier agreed to a six-week trial of TRIM® E715, run at 6% to 10% concentration. TRIM E715 is a universal soluble oil that requires minimal maintenance and is suitable for machining aluminum, steel and nickel alloys, as well as cast iron and yellow metals.


    The trial of TRIM E715 resolved the bacterial contamination issue completely, eliminating the need for costly cleanouts, a saving of nearly $9,325 per year. Resolving bacterial contamination also removed the bad odors that operators frequently complained about. All machines have since been switched over to TRIM E715. TRIM E715 also fixed the issue with oversized holes that resulted in scrapped parts. The aerospace components supplier has had no reports of issues since the conversion. And, as a bonus, several operators who suffered from dermatitis with the former metalworking fluid have had their skin clear up since the switch to TRIM E715.

    “During the six-week test run, we resolved the bacterial contamination issue, leading to no need for costly cleanouts since April 2019.” -Machine Shop Manager

  • Even a company with decades in the industry will occasionally struggle with its cutting fluid consumption. A large UK-based aerospace components manufacturer that performs milling, turning, and grinding operations experienced this firsthand. Their location houses over 100 machines that work with a range of materials, including aluminum, steel, titanium, and Inconel. Along with achieving performance objectives, they also needed to meet local and internal health, safety, and environmental standards. 


    Poor coolant stability resulted in a costly and time-consuming regime of biocide additions to the majority of the machine sumps at their manufacturing site. Without the biocide additions, the coolant would not meet regulatory health, safety, and environmental requirements or internal health and safety standards. The components manufacturer set a coolant life expectation of 18 months as part of the planned maintenance clean-out process, but the biocide was necessary to reach that target. Additionally, machine operators did not like the existing coolant; it emitted a bad odor.


    To deal with this challenge, the components manufacturer actively sought out a product to test in its machines to eliminate the need for additives and improve operator acceptance. That product was TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT, an environmentallyfriendly, semisynthetic, microemulsion metalworking fluid.


    A six-month test run of TRIM MicroSol 590XT proved that no biocide additions were needed to meet the company’s coolant life expectancy standards. Additionally, using TRIM MicroSol 590XT reduced consumption. The top-up strength for its former coolant was 2%, and with TRIM MicroSol 590XT, it was lowered to 1%. Machine operators also accepted the new coolant enthusiastically. They began asking for TRIM MicroSol 590XT to be put in all of their machines. The company is currently in a planned conversion process with the possibility of the remaining machines moving to TRIM MicroSol 590XT. They’re also looking at opportunities to supply TRIM products to the remaining companies under their company umbrella. 

    • Top-up strength halved from 2% to 1%

    • Biocide additions no longer needed

    • Machine operators requested TRIM MicroSol 590XT in all their machines

  • At 30,000 feet, there’s no room for error. Aerospace companies have to meet that high standard when they design, manufacture, and support products that keep airline passengers safe in flight. One aerospace components manufacturer based in the Northeast focuses on aerospace propulsion components, flight control components, and aero engine components — all of which require high quality and precision to meet safety standards and specifications. The company machines a variety of alloys, including low carbon, hardened steel, aluminum, titanium, and nickel, as well as stainless steel, using drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, turning, and grinding operations.


    The aerospace components manufacturer could only get six holes per drill on a small drill with its incumbent coolant. This was not enough and led the company to start searching for a new coolant that could yield more holes per drill, as well as increase the life of its tools and reject tramp oil. 


    Coolants used in the aerospace industry must meet the demands of high-pressure, high-volume applications. The aerospace components manufacturer began testing TRIM® E925AE for these rigorous applications, as it uses a proprietary lubricity package for a better surface finish and longer tool life when machining aerospace materials. TRIM® E925AE protects sensitive aluminum and nonferrous alloys, and its soft fluid film protects chucks, ways, and tool holders. 


    The test run of TRIM® E925AE was a resounding success for the components manufacturer. TRIM® E925AE yielded 96 holes per drill, a 1500% increase. Additionally, part finishes were excellent, and drilling and reaming sizes, along with turning, milling, drilling, and reaming results overall were very good. Tool life was extended, and TRIM® E925AE rejected tramp oil well. The fluid ran clean in the machine, leaving no residue. For this aerospace company, using TRIM® E925AE has allowed them to improve production and extend tool life.


    • 1500% increase in holes per drill

    • 96 holes per drill with TRIM® E925AE vs. 6 holes per drill with the previous coolant

    • Total tooling spend decreased by 90%

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