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Engaged Nation

Las Vegas,  NV 
United States
  • Booth: 2342

Engaged Nation is a results driven gamified marketing company that utilizes its award-winning digital engagement REACH System. REACH is fully customizable to meet your specific goals and budget parameters for Acquisition, Promotion, Reactivation, and Retention – regardless of duration, location and time of year.  This makes REACH ideal for Tribal Casinos as we become an extension of your internal team – from design and implementation to budget control. Contact us to learn how we can help you.


  • REACH System
    The award-winning REACH (Revenue/Engagement/Activation/Conversion/Hub) System is the most advanced customizable, gamified marketing system available. It was designed to align with your business needs and converts online traffic into property visits....

  • The Award-Winning REACH System

    Studies clearly demonstrate that a greater share of digital voice directly leads to a greater share of wallet. The question that dominates this digital landscape is how to most effectively use and measure digital engagement to generate a significant financial return at the property level.

    Engaged Nation’s award-winning REACH System (Revenue, Engagement, Activation, Conversion Hub) answers this question, transforming your digital marketing into an innovative business advantage. The most advanced gamified marketing system available, this patent-pending technology creates a customized, interactive experience that is proven to increase player engagement, incremental visits and revenue.

    Built by an operator for operators, REACH was designed to solve the needs, challenges and opportunities you face daily, with the ultimate goal of converting online traffic into profitable property visits.

    Science + Art + Customization = A Winning Program
    Engaged Nation’s component-based REACH system combines gamified marketing, incentivization, artificial intelligence, and behavioral economics to create a fully immersive experience. Your players earn and win free virtual currency, drawing entries, experience points, instant rewards, trophies, badges and more in exchange for a very valuable investment – their time and participation.

    This approach creates a much greater perceived value, resulting in a significantly higher property conversion rate than with traditional marketing methods. These incentives are always segmented by criteria you define, including player value at your casino, frequency of visits, and more.

    It’s as Easy as 1-2-3
    Our gamification approach integrates game mechanics into your existing website, mobile app or intranet. Or, we can host a player portal, mini site or landing page for you, built to your business objectives. All program elements are designed, built and maintained by your dedicated Engaged Nation team.

    In all instances, Engaged Nation’s proprietary modular system:

    • Is fully customized, developed to your specific needs
    • Easily imbeds into your existing website, mobile app or on a hosted microsite/landing page
    • Runs for a specific length of time

    An Edutaining Experience
    We engage new and existing customers with nearly 100 HTML5 mobile-friendly earning activities and games – from edutaining quizzes and trivia to word search, memory match, and arcade style games, such as Bejeweled and Plinko. Our games are configured for instant reveals to drive immediate property visits or as earning methods for continual rewarding engagement.

    We have taken digital marketing gamification to new heights through our proprietary Play, Reward, Redeem methodology, using continuous engagement to go well beyond an individual interaction. This method is as simple for your players to understand as it is profitable for your property.

    • They Play online
    • We Reward them for their time and participation
    • They Redeem their segmented reward at your property

    Why It’s Effective
    Our methodology is simple: Provide your customers with an interactive experience that creates an enduring emotional connection and bond. And then convert that connection into measurable property visits and revenue. Our scientific approach and associated results clearly show that when customers invest their time and have fun earning a reward, it leads to higher participation and redemption rates.

    The Engaged Nation system drives reach, frequency, loyalty and, most importantly, effective daily interaction. It uses a participatory approach, in which points can be won, earned, saved and redeemed by users for rewards of their choice. Desired behavior is achieved as players eagerly want to be part of your active database – just like your players’ card program.

    Our proven methods significantly increase your property’s value proposition to your players while delivering ongoing and measurable incremental visits and revenue to your property. You can take our quantifiable results to the bank, as we work with you to track and measure the player journey from digital device to property floor.

    Our modular platform can achieve multiple objectives, and is designed to directly address your specific business needs and goals:

    • Increases acquisition, retention and the lifetime value of all players
    • Re-activates dormant players
    • Boosts on-property promotions and amenities
    • Launches new products
    • Offers sports betting tutorials
    • Provides internal training for team members
    • Increases adoption and download of mobile app
    • Enhances your social media initiatives and Facebook post shares
    • Strengthens your brand….and more

    Contact the experts at Engaged Nation today for a complete demo of REACH and see all it can do for you.

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