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Latin resources for elementary and high schools.

We create high-quality teaching and learning resources for Latin. We believe that Latin should be available to all students, regardless of background, so we use our profits to develop and spread the teaching of Latin in schools and to provide free or reduced-rate resouces for students teachers. 

For elementary teachers our gift to you is an entirely free, online course in Latin and Roman civilisation. The Course contains sufficient material for about a year's study on one hour per week and contains material on language, culture and mythology. Children love it! The Course is deliverable by non-specialist teachers and parents, as well as by specialist teachers, so any school or family can use it. Feel free to start using it today: www.PrimaryLatin.com

For middle and high schools, we are developing an entirely new Latin course, with a reading methodology at its core, but with additional support for those who want extension materials for Latin composition and for those who want to promote oracy in the classroom. Learn more at www.SecondaryLatin.com and come and talk to us if you are interested in trialling materials or working with us. Or ask us about our AP Virgil resources!

Brands: The Primary Latin Course (www.primarylatin.com) The Secondary Latin Course (www.secondarylatin.com)


  • Primary Latin Course
    A high-quality, one-year course in Latin and Roman civilisation for elementary students. We believe in making Latin available to all, so the Course is online, entirely free and suitable for specialist or non-specialist teachers. www.PrimaryLatin.com...

  • The Primary Latin Course is our gift to elementary children, their parents and their teachers. It is a high-quality, carefully researched course in Latin language and Roman Civilisation, developed by master teachers and Classical historians and linguists. The Course is designed to provide sufficient study for about an hour a week for one academic year and is designed to be delivered by specialist teachers, non-specialist teachers and parents. 

    Set in Herculaneum, the six chapters of the Course introduce children to the core principles of Latin, while also investigating cultural topics such as the baths, the theatre, education and the home. Two archaeologists lead the children back in time through the interpretation of Roman objects. 

    In addition to the study of language and culture, the Course also includes sections on mythology and fact files for learning extension.

    Anyone can use the Course for free at any time: you don't even need to log in! Just visit www.primarylatin.com. And if you need help or advice, we're there to support you with lesson plans and schemes of work. 

  • Secondary Latin Course
    A new course which aims more accurately to represent the diversity of the Roman world. It has a reading methodology at its core, but provides extension resources for both Latin composition and oracy, and covers language, culture, history and mythology....

  • This new Latin course for middle and high schools aims to address some of the concerns that have been raised about existing courses in recent years. The story starts with a young girl growing up in the slums of the Subura in Rome, AD 64, flashes back to the uprising in Britannia in 60/61, then on to Gaul, Lusitania, Pompeii, Africa, Numidia, Greece and Syria, before returning to Rome in 68. 

    At its core this is a reading course, but we are conscious that many teachers wish to study grammatical detail more closely, while others wish to promote oracy in the classroom. We are therefore developing additional resources from the outset to help teachers adapt the Course to best suit their preferred approach. 

    Our team has significant experience in developing digital support for Latin courses and this new Course will use our latest software to help reduce workload for teachers and promote efficient and effective language acquisition for students. 

    We are a not-for-profit community-centred company. If you would like to work with us to trial the new materials, or to produce resources, please do come and talk to us.

  • Virgil AP support
    Digital support for the AP Virgil prescription, including instant contextualised vocabulary and parsing, scansion, onscreen commentary and translation....

  • We are developing digital resources to support students reading Virgil's Aeneid. Traditionally, a student may use a text, a commentary, a dictionary, a grammar and (in all probability) a translation to develop his/her understanding of the text. We have been developing functionality to enable the functions and content of those five publications to be represented on a single screen. 

    In the current interface the original text is shown in the left window. When the student clicks on a Latin word, a contextualised gloss and parsing appears at the foot of the window and the commentary to the right immediately scrolls to the relevant position. Users can choose to see comments on any or all of culture, grammar, style, and metre by using the check boxes below the commentary. 

    A separate version of our software can automatically scan the text for the students, marking quantities, elisions, feet, and caesuras. Yet another version displays contextualised vocabulary and parsing only, to enable greater focus on the text itself.

    At present we have compled a proof-of-concept for the first 123 line section of the AP prescription. We would be interested in feedback from teachers and to hear from those who may wish to help us develop the content further.