Kong & Park

Gwangjin-gu,  Seoul 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 1527

Established in 2000, KONG & PARK Inc. is a publishing company that has specialized in researching and publishing books for studying Chinese characters. The KONG & PARK research team has organized more than 3,500 Chinese characters, and based on their research, they introduced fun and faster way to learn Chinese characters by focusing on 250 root characters.
After the introduction to the root characters, their book illustrates how different characters are added to the root characters, creating different meanings and words. Given the repetition of the root characters, it enables readers to easily learn and memorize the root characters as well as the derivation of different words from them. The company applied for a patent for this unique study method in 2008 and was granted one in 2012.

Since 2012, KONG & PARK has published and distributed worldwide books written in English language. It has also acted as an agent to distribute books of Asian countries written in English language to the world.

Brands: The Academy of Korean Studies Press, Bookhouse, Jimoondang, Longtail Books, Seoul (Talk To Me In Korean) National Museum of Korea, SniFactory, Yonsei University Press