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Everything you need in one place, accessible on any device.

What Is Voces? Created “For Teachers, By Teachers,” Voces Digital is a web-based resource designed to be an affordable, intuitive, and interactive experience for Spanish, French, and ESL educators. You can use it as a complete curriculum or as a supplement to your existing curriculum. It is everything you need in one place, accessible on any device, with nothing to install. We invite you to be among the first to experience all four levels of our new comprehensible-input Spanish series, Nuestra historia. Take your students from novice-low to intermediate and beyond with authentic materials, stories, videos, and resources aligned to ACTFL standards and AP-themes. Get your free trial account today! | www.vocesdigital.com

Brands: Nuestra historia (CI for Spanish) levels 1-4, Introductory Spanish, Spanish Novice, Spanish Intermediate, Français 1 & 2, and ESL/ELD.

 Show Specials

  • The Nuestra historia READERS, a collection of paperback short story books, will be availble at our booth. These classroom readers sell on Amazon for $7.99 each, but you can buy them direct from us at the ACTFL conference for only $5.00 each, or get a full set of all 6 books for just $25.00. 
  • (Aug 29, 2018)
    This is ONLY available for purchases made during the 2018 ACTFL conference. Purchase any one-year teacher resource with unlimited students, and get a second title of equal value free! This offer can stack, so if you purchased Nuestra historia levels 1 and 2, we would give you levels 3 and 4! But you must find us in the exhibitors' area to take advantage of this very special offer.


  • Nuestra historia (Levels 1-4)
    Voces Comprehensible Input series, Nuestra historia explores AP® subthemes as they relate to Spanish-speaking communities and cultures around the world. Stories, authentic materials, IPAs, native speaker audio, and videos by Señor Jordan and Profe Loco!...

  • Nuestra historia is a Comprehensible Input (CI) and proficiency-based online curriculum that aims to bring together the magic of storytelling with real-world tasks in order to cultivate both students' communicative ability and intercultural understanding.

    Each unit is based on a different AP® theme and focuses on two Spanish-speaking countries. These two "drivers" of the curriculum help guide storylines, authentic texts, communicative tasks, and cultural content.

    Nuestra historia provides an array of options for teachers at various levels of expertise. You can select which elements most appropriately meet the needs of individual students and teacher personalities in your unique school district. Our goal is to support teachers wherever they are on their journey in providing truly compelling comprehensible input to increase students' proficiency levels. 

  • Spanish Novice and Intermediate
    Build students' language skills through engaging digital activities, presentations, games, and videos. Students will learn new vocabulary words and conversation skills, as well as the real-world traditions and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries....

  • Languages were never meant to be learned out of a book. They are meant to be learned through hearing and speaking. Because Voces® utilizes tools like video, clickable audio pronunciation of vocabulary words, and realistic language mastery exercises, your students will become comfortable communicating in Spanish in no time. Includes fully interactive features like self-grading quizzes, mastery exercises and fast-paced games to reinforce the target language, and can be used on any device with an internet connection. Plus, everything included in the Voces Spanish Digital Courseware is easily projectable on an interactive whiteboard.

    • Voces® native speaker interviews
    • ACTFL Can-Do Statements
    • Clickable vocabulary with native speaker audio
    • Interpretive tasks using authentic resources
    • Real-life interpersonal and presentational speaking tasks
    • Simulated conversations modeled after AP tests
    • 360° panoramas with see/think/wonder-style question sets
    • Automatic grading, recording, and playback features
    • Over 200 videos
    • Practice activities, mastery exercises, and quizzes
  • Français 1 and Français 2
    Voces® French is a highly flexible and interactive digital resource that encourages learning through practice and realistic interaction....

  • Voces® French uses multimedia and targeted activities to keep up with today's students. Interactive tools, such as video, audio, and student recording, add depth to activities and bring the lessons to life. Easy-to-follow digital lessons cover real-world vocabulary and language structure, phonetics, and Francophone culture. Authentic content is used throughout, immersing students in the Francophone world, and "Dans la communauté !" sections encourage students to seek out language opportunities in their community.

    • Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs)
    • Authentic interpretive tasks with ACTFL Can-Do Statements
    • Cultural readings (written by native speakers in the target language) on topics in the francophone world
    • Embedded language structure
    • Clickable vocabulary with native speaker audio
    • Bite-sized lessons on language structure and phonetics
    • 360° panoramas with see/think/wonder-style question sets
    • Tons of practice activities with interactive elements, including recording and auto-grading
    • A robust and flexible curriculum, supporting proficiency-based and more traditional teaching strategies
    • Traditional quizzes and exams (all auto-graded)