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The AMSA Academy is a training ground for physician leaders established by students, for students. The AMSA Academy strives to empower physicians-in-training to effect change in medicine, through didactic and experiential learning. Each program focuses on the value that health care must be patient-centered and reinforces AMSA’s mission of fostering a community of future physician-advocates through education and advocacy.


  • Leadership Program - Drive business decisions. Expand financial literacy. Develop vision and maintain strategy.

    Med School Success Series - The most important test of your life may be the USMLE. This series of webinars is designed to help you maximize your score so that you can match into the residency of your dreams.

    Scholars Programs - A training ground for physician leaders established by students, for students. The AMSA Scholars Programs strive to empower physicians-in-training to effect change in medicine, didactic, and experiential learning. Each program focuses on the value that health care must be patient-centered and enforces AMSA's mission of fostering a community of future physicians through education and advocacy.

    Residency Prep Program - Applying to residency is challenging. What is often viewed as the most critical transition point in a physician’s career is fraught with anxiety, cost and uncertainty. Candidates are presented with a number of choices with limited insight into the process. “How many programs should I apply to?” “How many interviews should I attend?” “Where am I even competitive to match?” With this educational series, you will receive answers these questions to make the process more approachable and easier to understand.

    IMG Residency Prep Series - This series provides international medical students with need-to-know information about residency and practice in the U.S. These online webinars bring the experts to you, providing insight on how international medical graduates will be evaluated, best practices for Match prep, Step exam review, interview skills, rotations, and more.

  • Each Scholars Program course is a community of interested physicians-in-training, engaged to learn more about a specific topic. Courses are facilitated by one or two dedicated AMSA members who serve as Course Directors who organize a curriculum, invite experts in their respective fields to come and expand your understanding of the topic, and provide valuable feedback. The courses range in size from 10 to over 50 participants. Each course features one to two sessions per month, and are held during two academic periods - July through September, and October through February. Course sessions are structured around online presentations, readings, and discussions.

    At the end of their experience, participants develop a project utilizing the knowledge gained from the course. The projects are an application of their new skills, as well as a professional development opportunity in the participant's school or community. Throughout the experience, participants gain valuable mentorship from their Course Directors, fellow Scholars, and partner organizations to enhance their projects.

  • Career Pathways in Family Planning – AMSA Leadership Program

    This program delves into the many ways family planning can be researched and practiced, explore the impact of access to abortion care or the lack thereof, prepare students for residency with a focus on family planning, teach manual vacuum aspiration skills, provide messaging resources, and focus on the importance of wellness during medical education and physician practice.

    Session Topics:

    • The Turnaway Study: Ten Years, A Thousand Women, and the Consequences of Having – or Being Denied – an Abortion
    • Effective Messaging in Family Planning
    • Preparing for a Family Planning Focused ObGyn or Family Medicine Residency
    • Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)/ ”Papaya Workshop” – Hands on Virtual Skills Session (supplies will be shipped to students)
    • Career Opportunities for Abortion Provision In Family Medicine
    • “Do No Harm”- Busting the Myth of ” Physician Burnout”
    • Navigating Medication Abortion, Telemed, REMS & the FDA
    • Exploring Birth Settings in America
    • Providing Affirmative Care for Trans People
    • Honoring Cultures in Clinical Settings

    *This program is only open to AMSA domestic medical student members and U.S. based international student members with a U.S. mailing address.

    Session Schedule: April 5 – June 14, 2021, all live sessions will be held on Mondays from 8:00-9:30pmET.
    All sessions will be recorded for later viewing by registered participants.


    AMSA Reproductive Justice Leadership Program

    This virtual program includes eight 90-minute sessions and is open to all AMSA members. Each dynamic session will include a presentation from key thought leaders in their fields, and engaging Q/A with the speaker(s), followed by supportive, interactive group debrief and discussion with AMSA Reproductive Health Project leaders and program participants.

    Session Topics:

    • How to Ensure You are Providing Just & Effective Health Care
    • Principles of Reproductive Justice
    • Reducing Stigma & Changing Unjust State Policies
    • Diversity & Equity in Abortion Access & Our Health Care Workforce
    • We Testify: Changing the Conversation through Compassion and Stories
    • Maternal Mortality and Abortion Restrictions-How Both Undermine Quality Care and Harm Women of Color
    • From Reproductive Rights to Reproductive Justice: The Impact on Clinical Care Policy and Advocacy
    • Building Power: Centering Young People in Reproductive Justice

    Session Schedule: April 7 – May 26, 2021, all live sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 8:00-9:30pmET.
    All sessions will be recorded for later viewing by registered participants.


    AMSA Reproductive Health Scholars Program

    AMSA strives to empower physicians-in-training to effect change through education and advocacy. AMSA Scholars Programs are designed to provide medical and premed students with information not covered in traditional medical school curriculum and to foster an online learning community of future physicians.

    The AMSA Reproductive Health Scholars Program addresses the “hidden curriculum” in medical school and prepare students to think critically about abortion-related and education and training opportunities.

    Session topics include:

    • History of Abortion
    • Basic Clinical Overview of First Trimester Abortion
    • Reproductive Justice: Framework, Definitions, and How We Win
    • Diversity & Equity in Abortion Access & Our Health Care Workforce
    • Second Trimester Abortions: A Clinical & Political Overview
    • Protecting Reproductive Health: State & Federal Laws the Impact Access & Care
    • Options Counseling & Values Clarifications in Reproductive Care
    • When Routine Training is Unethical & Becomes Illegal: The Case of Intimate Exams for Teaching Purposes
    • Birth Settings in America: Outcomes, Quality, Access, & Choice
    • Taking Action & Accessing Abortion Training When it’s Not Offered at Your Med School

    Registration for our next AMSA Reproductive Health Scholars Program will open in July
    Add your name to our waiting list for the next program that will begin Fall 2021
    (those on the waiting list with have priority registration)

  • AMSA Elective in Reproductive Justice, Family Planning, and Abortion Care (non-clinical)

    Registration is open now for this 2-week online elective for AMSA members who are U.S./Canadian 3rd & 4th-year medical students.
    Scholarships Available, Apply Here Today!

    Program Dates: Monday, 4/12/2021 – Friday, 4/23/2021
    Program Location: Online/Virtual
    Program Eligibility & Cost: 3rd & 4th-year U.S. medical students who are AMSA members, full-scholarships are available

    Program Description:
    This two-week elective for third and fourth year U.S. medical students (in particular, MS3s and MS4s pursuing family medicine or ob/gyn) will center Reproductive Justice (RJ) as a human-rights framework for exploring topics related to reproductive health and abortion care, including approaches to RJ-informed and trauma-informed patient care. The course will present reproductive health education with a focus on the interconnections of power, privilege, oppression, and resistance. Students will engage with critical social theories – including Critical Race Theory, Intersectional Feminism, and Queer Theory – to explore, interrogate, and reflect on the complex sociocultural, medico-legal, and politico-economic context of sexual and reproductive health.

    Modeled after AMSA’s HEART-IM 4th-year elective (Humanistic Elective in Activism, Reflective Transformation, and Integrative Medicine), the program is grounded in a pedagogy of liberatory education (Freire, hooks), and committed to educational care practices that help us create and sustain deeper relationships within intentional communities.

    The course will cover healthcare delivery including family planning and abortion care, and approaches to patient care that are loving and affirmative of the human autonomy, agency, and dignity of women, including and especially Indigenous and Black women, and queer and trans people.

    Themes and Topics covered will include:

    • Reproductive Justice: Framework, definitions, and herstory
    • Historical Injustices and Today’s Crises: The continuous thread of scientific and medical racism and sexism in Reproductive Health and abortion care
    • Family Planning and Abortion Care: Options counseling, values clarification, medication and procedural abortion, messaging and framing
    • Her Stories of Resistance: Honoring those who fight back, speak up, and labor to get free
    • Power and Control in Reproductive Health & Abortion Care: Religion, morality, masculinity and medicine – who gets to claim the right to shape reality
    • Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice: Access, disparities, and structural competency
    • Reproductive Health Law and Policies: At the intersection of medicine and law, patient and community, care and advocacy
    • Affirmative Patient Care: Sexual and reproductive healthcare for LGB+, trans, queer, and non-binary people
    • Human-centered Care: Professional humility, trauma-informed sensitivity, cultural safety, and non-violent communication

    Course Credit: Course accreditation anticipated – TBD.

    Elective Schedule: Students must be able to attend and participate in daily core sessions, held Monday through Friday at 12:00pm – 2:00pm ET. Each day, students will meet for an additional one to two hours in the late afternoon (e.g., 4:00pm – 6:00pm ET) or early evening (e.g., 7:00pm – 9:00pm ET) for a series of workshops that will include reflection and writing, debriefing and check-ins, clinical skills practice, mentoring and coaching, and community-building. Anticipated out-of-class time for self-directed learning will be one to two hours each day. All sessions will be recorded and made available to students through the digital classroom platform.

    Apply Here Today:  Scholarship application deadline is Monday, March 22, 2021. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and students will receive notification within 5 business days of submitting their application.

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