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AMSA is an independent, global association that exists to inform, inspire and support tomorrow's physicians. The ones committed to making the world a better place through medicine. We do this by arming students with the skills to lead and listen, to advocate for change, to become the kind of physician who thinks beyond drugs and diagnoses. 

Here, you will find a widely diverse, impassioned network that offers its members leadership opportunities, community, career guidance, and a place in AMSA's long history of advocacy for both patients and future physicians.

Have questions about AMSA or the physicians of the future? Join us during our Networking Excursions and/or make an appointment with us to discuss our community and public health work, membership, partnerships or just to learn more!


This is AMSA!

 Networking Excursions

  • Meet the AMSA Repro Team for a tour through our reproductive health programs, leadership opportunities, and resources designed to help you lift your voice with your policy-makers, engage your classmates, and access resources to help grow your AMSA Chapter.

    Plan to drop in virtually via Zoom during one of the break times on Saturday or Sunday!

    SATURDAY, March 6

    SUNDAY, March 7

    NEW! Chapter Grants Available from the AMSA Reproductive Health Project

    A limited number of $250 mini-grants are available to AMSA Chapters to help bring members together for issue education and skill-building sessions related to reproductive health, justice, and abortion care. The AMSA Reproductive Health Team will provide Chapters with resources, direct support in organizing their session, and assist with speaker identification.

    Session opportunities can include issue education, communications and media training, and/or advocacy related activities. Topic areas range across reproductive health and abortion care, with specific grants earmarked for Chapters to host sessions exploring:

    • Physician Burnout in Reproductive Health Care: Busting the Myth & “Do No Harm”
    • Intimate Exams for Teaching Purposes: Care, Ethics & Informed Consent
    • Reproductive Health: Power Dynamics in Education & Patient Care

    (*AMSA domestic premed and medical chapters are eligible for these grants)



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    Now that you have the answers to all the questions on the AMSACon Scavenger Hunt Game Card, follow the steps below to reveal the final phrase. Each step below correlates to the answers on the game card.


    1. The 8th letter in this answer is the 1st letter of the phrase.

    2. The letter in this answer is repeated 4 times and is the 2nd letter of the phrase.

    3. The 1st letter in this answer is the 3rd letter of the phrase.

    4. The 1st vowel in this answer is the 4th letter of the phrase.

    5. The 1st letter in this answer is the 1st letter of the 2nd word.

    6. The vowel in this answer is repeated 3 times and is the 2nd letter of the 2nd word.

    7. The 4th letter in this answer is the 3rd letter of the 2nd word.

    8. The 14th letter in this answer is the last letter of the 2nd word.

    9. The 4th letter in this answer is the 1st letter of the 3rd word.

    10. The 2nd letter of the 3rd word = the (91/13)th letter in this answer.

    11. The phrase’s 11th letter is the median of the answer.

    12. If I were a letter in the alphabet, I’d be “F.” But I’m not - I’m that same number of letters into the answer!

    13. In the alphabet this letter comes directly after the 7th letter in this answer, and is the 13th letter in the phrase.

    14. The 1st letter in this answer, and is the 14th letter in the phrase.

    15. The 15th letter in this answer is the last letter of the phrase.

    16. The punctuation mark goes here.


    __ __ __ __    __ __ __ __    __ __ __ __ __ __ __   _

    (Click here to submit by midnight Monday, March 8 in the Hangout Hub)


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    AMSA Members! To help generate awareness of all that you do, we’re looking to highlight you as an AMSA healthcare advocate.


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    Ten winners will be selected at random to receive a $10 Starbucks giftcard. 

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