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Welcome to mmcité 7

Public realms are fascinating places where people meet history. We are really pleased that our design is directed towards something as interesting as urban areas. For mmcité, making street furniture is a cultural mission. We can completely change the face of the city by installing just a few small elements.

mmcité is not only a supplier of high-quality street furniture, our company is also a partner to all those who want to create something special within public spaces. Mayors of cities of all sizes, in the mountains or coastal areas, architects of small teams and large design institutions, construction companies of local or transnational importance – we address all of them with the aim of achieving the perfect project.

At the beginning, there is always a design sketch, a mere intention. The strong team of experienced and educated professionals create high-quality products. Efficient functionality, careful processing and affordable costs are the main parameters that we monitor throughout the process. We combine the very best materials, which are further continuously tested. Only the best materials are chosen.

Brands: We value our cities and so we constantly endeavour to make them beautiful wherever they may be.

 Press Releases

  • We go on with the Olympic track! After the Olympic Museum in Lausanne and the Olympic Village of Rio de Janeiro, we have become part of another sporting event – the 2018 World Cup, which took place from 14 June to 15 July 2018 in Russia. For the largest sports stadium in Luzhniki, we manufactured and delivered 15 Portiqoa circular benches, 300 Portiqoa arched benches and 600 portable Portiqoa benches in standard design. The Portiqoa bench is specific with its softly molded aluminum alloy side legs, which work with an interesting optical effect of diagonally built walls. The seat and the backrest are made of massive wood slabs. Other benches and trash cans will find their use in the vicinity of the brand new and hypermodern Krestovsky Stadium in St. Petersburg, which can accomodate up to eighty thousand spectators and is known as the Pearl of the World Championship.

    The implementation of the entire project began in 2016 and the architects who were managing the reconstruction of the stadium and adjacent areas had a concept of what the furniture would look like at that time. Their idea was rather conservative, so we, with their consent, changed it. We have proposed the adjustment of our portiqoa bench, which we have already used at the Olympics in Rio. For Moscow, we have designed a solution that allows to build long, uninterrupted lines, both straight or arched. The result shows that they have really fitted into this important place, adds co-owner and principal designer David Karasek.

    See the artical and photos here:

  • New year 2018 has started in very successfully for us. We are proud to announce that our concrete high-volume litter bin BETTER has won a 2017 GOOD DESIGN award from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. The jury of distinguished design professionals and leading industry specialists valued not only the design excellence but also our intention to enhance the aesthetic quality of generally neglected product category of waste collectors.

    “We are definitely delighted. It is always rewarding and motivating for our whole team when the ideas, hard work, and dedication result in an international recognition with such a high prestige. Even though mmcité1earned the GOOD DESIGN few times in the past, we are honoured every single time. It simply shows us we are following the right direction.” comments David Karásek, Design Director and Co-founder of mmcité.

    See the artical and photos here:

  • After nearly 10 years being on the American market through external distributors, we have decided to set up our own branch in the USA, established as mmcité7 based in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    The location has not been chosen by an accident. Charlotte fits well our intention to provide better customer services in any state; no matter if it is West, South or in the midland.  
    Modern Design & Site Furnishings (MDSF) company, our current distributor, has successfully established mmcité brand within US and we are glad this cooperation further continues. Our dear friend, Mr. Victor Pais, has become our business consultant and representative for the states of New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and Colorado.

    We are looking forward to even closer cooperation with American architects and other specialists from the community of American landscape architecture.
    mmcité specializes in design, development, manufacture and supply of street furniture elements, ranging from waste bins, bollards, park benches to shelters and big canopies. 
    We take pride in our original perennially popular design and flexibility in custom solutions to ensure our customers get the very best as we also continue to support young talents by guiding and working with academic sphere.
    Even you can contribute to achieve our goals – the American cities can be more beautiful and smarter by implementing just a few small street furniture elements.

    See the link: 

    and for our products:

  • (Sep 27, 2018)

    The Blocq picnic set is a new addition to the successful Blocq bench range. It is designed around a solid block of striking proportions with sharp points at its base, joining a sturdy table with two benches, and is sufficiently heavy not to require any anchoring. It is made from a monochrome steel structure and tropical hardwood lamellas. Each bench is 3 metres long and 8–12 people can sit around a single picnic set. The coloured finish of the steel structure really pops in a public space, and the picnic set can also be fitted with USB charging capabilities.

    The global debut of the Blocq picnic set came at Manifesto Market, a pop-up food and culture market on a once forgotten piece of land in central Prague which came about thanks to the reSITE team and a group of gifted young architects. “When you are designing something for a public space, you know full well that you will only know if the work will be a success once you see the new piece in the real world. You get to see how it looks against the sky and how it works with its surroundings.You can’t help but feel nervous, so I was eagerly waiting for this moment. Manifesto Market looks like it truly belongs where it is, and the new Blocq picnic set is the same – it is as if it has been there forever. That is the sort of result I really enjoy.” says art director and owner of mmcité1, David Karásek.

    See the artical and photos here:

  • The Environmental Design Archives at the University of California, Berkeley is hosting student seating element design competition and mmcité, as an experienced producer of street furniture, cannot miss the opportunity to be a part of it! We have decided to sponsor this year´s competition and we want to move the design submitted by the students even further beyond the limits. David Karásek, co-founder and creative director of mmcité1, will attend the event as a member of the jury. 

    Furniture design can be a great way to test ideas at a smaller scale and to experiment with different methods and materials. Students will draw inspiration from archival materials relating to The Sea Ranch, a breakthrough example of an environmentally sensitive design that continues to grow in influence and relevance to architects and the public at large. Lawrence Halprin was commissioned in 1962 by Oceanic Properties to develop a master plan for the development of a former sheep ranch situated on a wind-swept scenic ten-mile stretch of northern California coastline located about a hundred miles north of San Francisco. Halprin’s revolutionary plan, built on the idea that human communities should be in harmony with the landscape, attracted many significant architects and designers. This year’s theme connects to mmcité´s design philosophy, that functional, durable, and thoughtful outdoor furniture will connect people to their urban environments.

    See the artical and photos here:

    We are looking forward to meeting the winner of student seating element design competition on 8th November 2018. Stay tuned!


  • prax PRX315
    Litter bin with cover
    steel frame, covered with wooden lamellas, 32 gal....

  • Steel structure of this litter bin represents modern yet classical contour with slightly arched roof. Simple wooden door completes the character of the litter bin. It is predestined to the installation in different public spaces. The version with perforated steel sheet door seems to be of quite industrial design, HPL door moves the final look of the bin rather to the category of indoor furniture and offers the possibility to apply any graphics. Newly, 32 gal. volume version available or version with integrated
    space for plastic bags for dog excrements.

    Structure made of zinc coated and powder coated steel sheet, lockable door made of acacia or tropical wood, steel sheet, or high pressure laminate. Zinc coated liner or holder for plastic bag (32 gal.) attachement.

    Product link:!litter-bins/prax

  • pixel
    pixel - NEW 2018...

  • Imagine a playful mosaic of square modules arranged in any shape you could dream up. Symmetrical, regular, and totally irregular patterns will breathe new life into public spaces. You could experiment with the orientation of the wooden lamellas in the wood’s natural hues, or alternately go for more colourful displays. You could create simple, subtle, monochromatic forms, or you can take part in a playful game of tones, resulting in a blanket of colour you would find nowhere else. At the same time we are still talking about a functional seating element for the public space. The individual modules are supported by a central leg, and can be fitted with additional elements in order to minimise the amount of unnecessary supports. The modules function not only as just ingredient parts of bigger arrangements, but also completely independently as one-person seats. The pixel system can be customised with an array of original accessories, including backrests, tables, flowerpots and more.

    Galvanised powder-coated steel structure. Seats made of wooden lamellas are fitted using a unique attachment system. The basic version features underfloor anchoring; another version is available with anchoring above the ground, and a free-standing model is also available, suitable for interior use.

  • blocq LBQ112
    seat made of massive boards and lamellas, steel legs

  • A massive block supported by sharp spikes – particularly this contrast has the best effect in a public space. The effect is emphasized by the generous proportions of the bench. These proportions are even more underlined if several modules are lined up creating long rows. There is a monumentally simple backless variant as well as a practical and comfortable version with backrest with conically shaped single seats. Another special feature is a two color steel base offered in 6 color combinations. Both practical and attractive accessory for the benches with backrest is a durable steel table intended to place a drink, laptop or book. The contrast color of the table also brings a playful element into this bench. The built-in USB charger might be handy for those who like to stay outside a little 
    longer. The LED backlight available for whole Blocq product range comes to the fore in the evening.

    Massive steel frame treated with zinc coating and powder coating. Wooden lamellas and boards  form the seating and the backrest. They are connected to the steel structure in an invisible way. 

    Product link:!park-benches/blocq

  • bohém
    set chair BOH252 + table BOH 925...

  • An universal outdoor chair unafraid of drawing inspiration from the past. This is a modern interpretation of classic school chairs familiar to millions of students, which has found new life as part of the facilities at parks, outdoor cafe terraces, and all kinds of public spaces. Durable, distinctive, with a hint of retro styling, and yet totally contemporary. Available in two heights and fully stackable. The plywood model is designed for interior use. A table in the same style is also available as part of a set.

    Galvanised powder-coated steel structure, seat and backrest made of sheet aluminium, or plywood for interior use. A stainless steel finish is also available. The chair is free-standing does not anchor.

  • landscape compact
    landscape compact - park bench - NEW 2018...

  • A system of seating elements expanding our Landscape range, featuring a bold side profile and the classic gap between seat and backrest for a minimalist form. Each individual landscape compact module can be combined to form unique long seats with a mix of straight and curved sections, or you could even use them as individual benches and seats in their standard sizes.

    Galvanised powder-coated steel structure. Seat and back rest consist of lateral hardwood lamellas. The individual benches and combined assemblies anchor to the ground.

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