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Dutch Urban Design elements for Public Space

Streetlife is a Dutch company, Design Driven and leading in terms of innovation and quality. The Streetlife Collection includes Street furniture, Tree products and Bridges. We take the landscape as the starting point and offer natural, sustainable and innovative solutions for a competitive price level.

Streetlife Studio America is fully operational in the East coast of the USA and Canada, with full back office support and services from our head office in Europe. Our policy is to combine Dutch design with local production in 2 East Coast units.

We are proud of our collaboration with leading landscape architects. With them we have realized projects in e.g. New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Toronto and Montreal.

Get inspired by our Collection and international projects in USA, Western Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East. Check out our website!

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  • Solid Serif Chaise Longue
    An appealing wave shaped seat for the outdoor space...

  • The Solid Serif Chaise Longue has an appealing wave shape. It is a recliner that is perfect for relaxing in the sun. The seat is made of 28" or 47"-long Solid beams (of 2.8”x2.8”). It is finished with two broad, sturdy (Rough&Ready) beams – the Solid Serifs. The Chaise Longue has a floating effect above grass. The steel support can be anchored.
  • Rough&Ready Royal Curved bench
    The Rough&Ready Curved Bench combined with the Royal Backrest....

  • Rough&Ready (R&R) Royal Curved Benches are characterized by a high backrest, which provides additional comfort and style. Royal Back modules are available in standard segments. The beams of the backrest correspond to the beams of the bench when mounted. The modular segments are often linked together to create a closed or continuous backrest. 
  • Solid Staple Cloudy Grey
    A slender design bench with a powerful architectural impact....

  • Solid Staple Benches comprise sturdy, crosswise-positioned Solid slats (2.8”x2.8”) on an integrated steel structure. The bench spans two metres. The benches have a slender design, but have a powerful architectural impact. The colour variations in the high-quality FSC®-100% hardwood create a beautiful texture that appeals to everybody.

    The steel base structure is standard finished in grey; however, other RAL colours are available on request. Despite its slender appearance, the bench is strong and rigid. The steel supports are anchored to the ground with concealed attachments. Solid Staple Benches are not only suitable for outdoor use, but are also ideal for large indoor spaces.

    As an alternative to FSC® hardwood, Streetlife introduces the exceptionally hard-wearing Cloudy Grey beams measuring 7x7cm. This material is 50% recycled LDPE plastic combined with 50% recycled textile fibres and remnants. The beams are a maximum of 120cm in length. The grey marbled appearance has its own unique character. Its technical properties make Cloudy Grey an attractive and fully-fledged alternative to wood. Some air inclusions at the beam ends are unavoidable.

  • Drifter Benches
    The Drifter Benches are made of reclaimed mooring posts of 12"x12"...

  • The Drifter Benches are made of reclaimed mooring posts of 30x30cm -12”x12”, recovered from local water infrastructure. The 30- to 40-year-old tropical hardwood is certified FSC® recycled wood. These benches are an example of the circular economy, with a unique rustic look that appeals to the imagination. There are Drifters Benches with one or two slats (L1/L2).

    The extraordinary density of the tropical hardwood make the beams and the entire bench massively heavy. Because of the nature of the recycled material, deviations in size and irregularities cannot be avoided. The supports are made of heavy gauge CorTen or hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Rough&Ready Big Green Benches
    Green movable seating elements for urban environments...

  • The Big Green Benches are made of CorTen or double powder coated steel with a FSC® hardwood sitting edge. This sitting edge has developed over the years as one of our classic details: the wooden beams are for the most part embedded in the steel structure by means of the integrated Streetlock fix-and-replace® system. 

    These benches can be furnished with shrubs, bamboo or climbers. The benches are extremely solid but remain movable. It is possible to supply these benches with an Open Bottom (OB version) so that shrubs or larger trees can take root in the open ground. Their linear form make them extremely suitable for bamboo or climbers for façade greenery. 

    The hardwood seats have been beautifully integrated into the steel structure by means of the patented Streetlock fix-and-replace® system. The border seats can be mounted one-sided, double-sided and corner-sided, as well as all around. All Black beams can be applied as an alternative to hardwood.
  • Synthetic Cone
    Synthetic Cones are thick-walled, insulating plastic mouldings as Tree Planters...

  • The eco-friendly plastic used has a terrazzo look and feel. Fun layouts can be created by mixing cones from different diameters and different heights. Large Synthetic Cones are suitable for trees measuring up to approximately 20ft in height. We advise the Synthetic Cones in combination with our Treetec® Bottom Up system.

    The tall Synthetic Cone is LED-Ready. It is advisable to include a pipe sleeve/casing in the Cone for the LED line. The Synthetic Cones are available in three sizes and are made of a thick-walled, insulating moulded plastic or natural fibre. These Cones offer affordable and durable green solutions and are available in six colours. All planters feature drainage holes and fork lift provisions for easy installation and long term maintenance. 

    White Granito is realised by mixing white with transparent recycled plastic, which generates a very attractive texture. The Brown Natural Fibres is a material realised by mixing plastic with approximately 30% hay fibres from locally mown and dried grass. The fibres remain visible, which generates a vivid brown colour with a beautiful texture.

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