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ECOncrete® leads the world in bio-enhancing concrete technology that is the first to provide both superior strength and ecological benefits.

Our trailblazing products are found in ports and waterfronts across the globe yielding excellent results. From now on, all high-performance concrete infrastructure such as sea walls, breakwaters, and harbors can be more durable over a longer lifespan while improving water quality and enhancing biological diversity.

The patented technology incorporates three proven science-based elements that work in synergy:
bio-enhancing concrete compositions, complex surface textures, and science-based designs.

The company has a line of science-based, bio-enhancing products including:

  • Tide Pool Armor
  • ECO Sea Walls
  • ECO Piles & Jackets
  • ECO Armor Blocks
  • ECO Mats
  • Bio-Active Wall System
  • Site specific, custom made designs

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 Press Releases

  • ECOncrete® offers innovative, highly durable and environmentally friendly concrete solutions, designed to encourage development of rich and diverse marine life as an integral part of urban and coastal marine infrastructure such as seawalls, breakwaters, bridge foundations and urban waterfronts. The proprietary technology is based on three core elements: bio-enhancing concrete compositions, complex surface textures, and science-based designs, which work in synergy to decrease the ecological footprint of concrete infrastructure while enhancing their strength and durability

    ECOncrete® a trend setter in ecological design, is as an interdisciplinary science-based company with a unique blend of biologists, ecologists, environmental engineers, designers, and concrete technology specialists. The company’s products have been successfully implemented in different marine environments world-wide yielding excellent results. 

    Sustainable Solution

    With nearly 60% of the world’s population concentrating along coastlines, accelerated coastal development which inflicts severe stress on natural ecosystems is inevitable. Combined with growing threats of sea level rise and increased storminess, coastlines around the world require development, retrofitting and intensive maintenance.

    ECOncrete® provides the only sustainable solutions for coastal and marine infrastructure that provides fully constructive cost-effective concrete products, with significant structural, biological, and environmental advantages.

    France, with its beautiful coastline teeming with marine life, is a perfect market for ECOncrete® technologies that can complement the country’s profound maritime know-how and flourishing coastal tourism industry with break-through environmental technologies. ECOncrete® can incorporate to any coastal and marine project that involves concrete elements, be it breakwaters, marinas, ports, or waterfront hotels etc.

    Bioprotection - Growing Resiliency

    Apart from its clear ecological significance, biological enhancement also provides structural and socio-economic benefits. Biogenic growth of organisms like oysters, corals or barnacles, acts as biological glue that strengthens the structure and adds to its stability and longevity. This form of bioprotection can reduce the magnitude/ frequency of structural maintenance, which translates into improved ecological stability on one hand (= reduced anthropogenic intervention), and higher ROI on the other (= reduced maintenance costs).

    Products & Services

    ECOncrete® products are manufactured using our patented Bio-Enhancing concrete admixtures using tailor made Forms & Form liners. The company’s current line of products includes Bio-enhancing Armoring Units; Enhanced Seawall and Anchoring Systems; Tide-Pools for beach stabilization, Ecological Pile Encasement (for pile repair/protection); Marine Mattresses for erosion control and protection of UW pipes, and Bio active Wall (for non-aquatic applications). In addition, we are in the process of developing new products, including prestressed piles, retaining walls, and ecological solutions for bridge foundations and offshore energy facilities.

    Product fit is offered through the company’s professional consulting services ranging from initial planning and site assessment, through detailed design and product fabrication, to installation supervision and post installation biological monitoring.

    Contact information

    Dr. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, CEO & Chief Scientist   

    Dr. Ido Sella, CTO & Head of Field Operations


    Dr. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, Founder & CEO: 20 years of experience in the field of Marine Biology and Ecology in over 30 counties. Shimrit specializes in sustainable management of urban marine habitats and is considered an expert in eco-engineering of coastal and marine infrastructure. Shimrit has vast technical experience in design, development, evaluation, and monitoring of urban marine habitats, including conservation and enhancement at both species and habitat levels.

    Dr. Perkol-Finkel has led several large-scale and long-term projects like the EU funded MarUrbe project in Italy, and a waterfront enhancement scheme in Brooklyn Bridge Park NY. Shimrit serves as an ecological advisor for Israel’s marine spatial planning program, was one of the advisors for NY Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance’s Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines program and was involved in the ecological design of the federally funded “Living Breakwaters” SCAPE Team Project.

    Shimrit was recently selected as a We Empower awardee for her achievements in advancing UN Sustainable Development Goals, representing UN region Western Europe and Other including North America.

    Shimrit holds a B.Sc. in Life Sciences, M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Zoology, all from Tel-Aviv University, and has conducted a post-doc in the University of Bologna, Italy (EU Marie Curie Fellow).

    Dr. Ido Sella, Founder & CTO: Over 15 years of experience in the field of Marine Biology and Ecology, emphasis on ecological enhancement of coastal and marine infrastructure. In the last decade involved in extensive monitoring of the ports of Haifa and Ashdod in Israel, and the USA ports of New York, Savannah and Key West.  Focusing on the effect of man-made structures on life history traits of marine invertebrate, and ways of reducing coastal development impacts. Has a world-wide scientific experience and led onshore and offshore projects in temperate and tropical environments, such as the South China and Mediterranean Seas and the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. 

    Ido served as an ecological advisor for NY Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance’s Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines program and was involved in the ecological design of the federally funded “Living Breakwaters” SCAPE Team Project.

    Ido is the main inventor in a number of biological inventions, and both his M.Sc. thesis and Ph.D. dissertation were patented by Tel- Aviv University and are in advance commercialization phase.

    Earned a PhD in Zoology, and a MSc in Ecology and Environmental Quality from Tel-Aviv University.


  • Enhanced SeaWall
    The unique properties of ECOncrete® seawall elements support the growth of targeted marine organisms through design alteration and chemical modification of the concrete mix....

  • ECOncrete® produces a range of modular sea wall elements which functionally integrate into coastal and marine infrastructure and waterways.
    The unique properties of ECOncrete® seawall elements support the growth of targeted marine organisms through design alteration and chemical modification of the concrete mix.  These alterations do not compromise the structural and functional properties of the seawall, yet harness biological process that adds strength, reduce maintenance and increase lifespan of the Seawall as biogenic material accumulates providing bioprotection.

    The Seawalls’ surface textures can be modified according to the project’s design theme bringing the environmental and design considerations into account.

    ECOncrete®’s Seawalls designs can be modified to accommodate various anchoring methods typically used in the industry.

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