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Dutch Urban Design elements for Public Space

Streetlife is a Dutch company, Design Driven and leading in terms of innovation and quality. The Streetlife Collection includes Street furniture, Tree products and Bridges. We take the landscape as the starting point and offer natural, sustainable and innovative solutions for a competitive price level.

Streetlife Studio America is fully operational in the East coast of the USA and Canada, with full back office support and services from our head office in Europe. Our policy is to combine Dutch design with local production in 2 East Coast units.

We are proud of our collaboration with leading landscape architects. With them we have realized projects in e.g. New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Toronto and Montreal.

Get inspired by our Collection and international projects in USA, Western Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East. Check out our website!

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 Press Releases

  • In the municipality of Lier in Norway, the recently opened Fosshagen nursing home has a new take on caring for our elderly. The already much celebrated building is set in a playful landscaping design that adapts to its sloped surroundings. Streetlife is proud to have made a contribution to these lively gardens.

    Celebrating the rich contribution the elderly have made to our society means taking good care of them. Not just medically physical care, but also by providing comfortable, pleasurable and inspiring surroundings. The architect and landscape architect of Fosshagen nursing home took this task quite seriously.

    Norconsult Solem Architektur designed a sensory garden containing over 100 different plants and crops. The playful layout of the garden is dignified by the combination of strong circular and linear elements. Tying the sloped surroundings and the rectangular building together. The dynamics of these geometrical shapes are emphasized by the use of Streetlife products.


    An eight meter long Rough&Ready Curved Bench defines the boundary of a slope, whilst the centre of the garden is marked by a Free Forms Tree Isle with integrated Rough&Ready seatings. On one side of the garden geometric high steel planters are placed and complemented by the linear Rough&Ready 6 Benches. On the other side a round Solid Podium Isle focusses on the fluid movements in the garden. Hardwood street furniture turns the garden into a social meeting area.

    Streetlife’s street furniture and tree products use standardized wood sizes and high grade weathered CorTen steel, ensuring a warm and natural appeal. The strong coherence in the garden design is mainly due to the consequent use of high quality materials.

  • (Sep 26, 2019)

    All Black proves itself to be a durable alternative! Climate protection is becoming an issue on an increasingly smaller scale. Everybody is willing to help and can contribute towards achieving climate goals. Good insulation, LED lighting and waste separation are now the new standard. When choosing sustainable street furniture, All Black is a responsible alternative to hardwood. At Streetlife, we notice that interest in sustainable products is increasing and the demand for All Black is now really taking off.

    This is not really surprising because this recycled product has many advantages, in terms of both sustainability and maintenance. Ink and paint hardly adhere to the surface and cold, heat and UV radiation have no impact on the beams. The material complies with NEN 6065 fire class 3, which makes it extremely suitable for use in demanding environments such as playgrounds and coastal zones.

    All Black is made of recycled plastic (PE and PP) from, for example, bottle caps, crates and agricultural plastics. Reusing these products helps not only reduce the enormous plastic waste stream but also cuts down on the need for transportation due to the local availability of these resources. No chemicals are added to the raw material, only soot for the colouring, All Black has a very low carbon footprint and can itself be recycled.


    The end product is durable, does not require maintenance and will not splinter or warp. The material is black throughout and damage is therefore barely noticeable. As All Black beams have a matt appearance and rough texture, the product does not look like plastic. Finally, the very long lifespan (at least 50 years) of the material makes it a more than suitable alternative to hardwood.

    All Black is a standard feature in the Streetlife Collection, and all products within the Rough&Ready Range can be made with these black beams: landscaping elements from benches and bridges to tree planters and picnic sets.This offers the architect unique freedom to combine elements within a single, uniquely coherent collection.

    The Rough&Ready Range owes its cohesion to the distinct, standardised R&R beam size of 7x15 cm. The steel supports of the products can be delivered in galvanised, coated or CorTen steel. All Black beams, with their deep black finish, allow for the creation of beautiful contrasts, an aesthetic feature that underlines just how unique the material actually is.

  • While Kinderdijk is perhaps the most authentic Dutch village you will ever come across, the locality also reveals the ingenious side of the Netherlands based on technological prowess and innovation. One of the country’s best-known tourist sites and home to an impressive series of operational water works, Kinderdijk is constantly evolving. The Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation reached out to Streetlife in search of a Dutch contribution to the development of a new entrance area.

    Ever since the Middle Ages, a system of water works has been used in the Alblasserwaard polder, east of Rotterdam, to transform the fertile peat bogs into farmland and protect villages from flooding. Although various dykes and locks initially controlled the water, the first polder mills appeared in Kinderdijk as early as the 15th century. Of the 19 preserved windmills, most date back to the period 1738-1740. The water works in the area are still necessary and in use today. All the mills have been restored and ready to be employed in times of distress.

    Kinderdijk has the largest concentration of windmills in the world and since 1997 has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. To facilitate the ever-increasing stream of tourists, a new entrance area was required with an appealing visitors centre and improved infrastructure. Streetlife has played its part in the development by adding many of its customised benches.

    At the special request of the Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation, Rough&Ready (R&R) 6 Benches with stainless steel supports have been equipped with the area’s iconic windmill logo. Possessing a robust appearance, the solid hardwood beams are designed to last for generations and blend perfectly with the surroundings. In harmony with Kinderdijk’s aesthetic appeal, the substantial beam size of the R&R range is reminiscent of the traditional wooden construction of the windmills.


    Raised R&R Cubes complement the R&R 6 Benches and serve as side tables or extra seats. The high backrests installed on the R&R 10 Benches allow people to sit on either side. Situated between the two series of windmills, the benches are ideal for enjoying the sweeping views. The benches have been playfully arranged at right angles allowing for plenty of seating and for visitors to casually sit with each other as they please.

    The struggle against water throughout the centuries is part of Dutch heritage, which can be fully embraced at Kinderdijk. Down the ages, this constant battle has been a source of great technical innovation, as Kinderdijk wonderfully illustrates. For centuries, new technologies to fend off and drain water have always been applied here: dykes and locks and various types of windmills as well as steam and ultimately electrically powered pumping stations. The redevelopment of the area is now introducing the latest trends, innovations and techniques in architecture and product design.

    The R&R line comprises a wide range of products ranging from bicycle racks to bicycle bridges and from picnic tables to benches. The standardised beam size creates a uniform image throughout the entire range. The base for the hardwood seats can be delivered in galvanised, coated, stainless or CorTen steel.

    The Rough&Ready range is part of Streetlife’s Street Furniture collection. 

  • Media City Bergen has placed Bergen (Norway) on the map as the first media cluster in Scandinavia. The eye-catching geometric shapes and black and white contrasts of the newly transformed building that houses this cluster serve as a neutral but expressive backdrop for the video productions projected on the façade. Streetlife has contributed to the project with it’s impressive Open Pillars that have been incorporated in, and enhance, the architecture of the outdoor area.

    The Media City Bergen (MCB) cluster serves as the headquarters for over 100 media and tech companies and houses 1,200 employees. Comprising of a floor area of 45,000 m², the high-profile building designed by MAD Arkitekter is not only the largest structure in the city centre, it’s also the tallest.
    The octagonal shape of the three existing towers, originally dating from the early 1980s, inspired the overall design transformation. These structures gave rise to the geometric shapes articulated in the building’s interior as well as in the outdoor space designed by Smedsvig Landskapsarkitekter.

    The Odd Frantzens Plass is located between MCB and the Norwegian Naval Academy. An important access point to the media cluster and a convivial meeting place, this plaza has been upgraded with light-coloured paving and contrasting triangles that mirror the lines of the building. It is here that Streetlife’s triangular Open Pillars have been incorporated and match perfectly with the chosen form language


    Due to the distinctive open design pattern, vegetation can climb and grow around the pillars, thus allowing for the introduction of vertical greenery with only a very small footprint. These six-metre tall slender columns serve as attractive evergreen elements that cast little shadow. For this project the Open Pillars were finished in a white coating for the first time, splendidly accentuating the abstract pattern and contrasting sharply with the dark plinth of the building.

    The Open Pillars in Bergen are equipped with LED lighting that spreads pleasant atmospheric light in the evening. These striking elements belong to Streetlife’s Street Furniture collection and are real eye-catchers that leave a big impression in a small space. Used as monumental focal points, signposts, light objects or even vertical gardens, Open Pillars are LED-ready and available in CorTen or powder coated steel. They come in two sizes: four metres and six metres.

    Other recently completed projects with Streetlife Open Pillars can be found in Miami (USA), Alingsås (SE), Geneva (CH) and Pori (FI).

  • It is spring. The sun is shining, and the birds are singing. The greenery seems more abundant than ever. As people gather in squares and parks across Europe, students in Leipzig will soon be enjoying the renewed Augustusplatz Campus courtyard, where Streetlife’s specially developed Mobile Green Isles (MGIs) and Surf Modules are bound to have enormous appeal. The careful combination of these two design elements has helped create a harmonious public space where students can relax between lectures.

    The courtyard of the university was perceived as outdated, cold and sterile. It was uninviting, there was too much concrete and it was not an ideal place for relaxing or holding events. The university wanted to develop the area so that it had greater appeal and could be used more flexibly. With its Hortus Medicus botanical garden, the second oldest university in Germany has a rich horticultural tradition dating back 450 years. It was therefore almost inevitable that greenery would play an important role in the redeveloped courtyard.

    Streetlife was brought in to help redesign this open space. Consultations between Leipzig University and the Streetlife architect advisor resulted in a concept that fully matched aspirations for the square. The Mobile Green Isles (MGI) from the existing Streetlife collection served as an excellent starting point for the spatial design. To add a playful element, Streetlife developed the Surf Module (with wavy seating) to complement the MGIs.

    The MGIs comprise a product family that affords a high degree of layout flexibility. This makes it very easy to rearrange configurations or temporarily remove the modules for events. The modular units may be readily installed and aligned with the Streetrail® system and can be swiftly and easily transported by fork-lift truck.
    The 2D Surf Modules are available with short and long undulating waves and there is also a version with 3D waves. Both the MGIs and the new Surf Modules are included in the 2018-2019 Streetlife collection, which will be launched in the new catalogue in June as well as on the completely revamped website.

    Why not contact one of Streetlife’s native speaking architect advisors for additional information or advice? Our experienced team would also be happy to contribute to your design plan with a custom solution.

    Mobile Green Surf Isles on campus Leipzig

  • In Tampere (FI), traces of the city’s industrial past are visible everywhere. There may be no other place where Rough&Ready Circular Benches blend so well with their surroundings as they do here. The circular patterns, substantial beams and robust CorTen steel frames are perfectly at home in this unique setting.

    Nestled in a slightly hilly area and surrounded by water, Finland’s third city is situated on a strip of land wedged between two large lakes that are connected by the Tammerkoski river. The former 18-metre-high waterfalls on the river that runs straight through the city centre have been tamed by dams and hydropower plants. The force of the rushing water has helped to make Tampere an important industrial hub and the largest inland city in Scandinavia.

    The city’s industrial past stretches along the banks of the Tammerkoski. Tampere was built on the textile industry and rapidly grew to become the ‘Manchester of the north’ by the end of the 19th century. The three power plants in the heart of the city, all still in operation, form the backdrop for cosy outdoor eateries and thoughtfully designed public spaces.

    In 2014, the city authority organised a competition for the redesign of Vuolteentori, the old market square adjacent to the river. A continuation of one of the city parks, the square is located between two pedestrian bridges that traverse the river. It’s a busy place that plays host to pavement cafés and is part of an important walking and cycling route through the city centre. Näkymä Landscape Architects from Helsinki came up with the winning design.

    Näkymä drew inspiration from the city’s textile heritage. Circular patterns (representing textile bobbins) have been incorporated in the paving, which is bordered on one side by the quay and on the other by low retaining walls which hug the outlines of the ‘bobbins’. These curved walls absorb a difference in height and partition the square from the outdoor cafés that extend to the edge.

    Rough&Ready (R&R) Circular Benches blend seamlessly with the design. The benches form a second layer of circles with the same diameter as the ‘bobbins’ and ‘float’ above the paving. The substantial beam size and the CorTen steel supports are in complete harmony with the overall industrial theme.

    Solid Curved Top Seats have been placed on the retaining walls. Due to strong product coherence within the Streetlife collection, it is easy to combine street furniture from the R&R series with items from the Solid series. CorTen Tree Guards and Grilles based on Streetlife’s Casual Dots pattern protect the trees in the square. Two different tree grille designs have been used to create a perfect balance: round grilles on the lower level match the bobbins-based design of the paving, while square grilles blend with the rectangular floor shapes on the raised level where the cafes are situated. CorTen Bicycle Racks complete the picture.

  • Built in the 1850-60s, enlarged and elevated in the 1880s, decommissioned in 2000 and finally restored and relocated in the past decade. The London Gasholders no. 8 and ‘triplets’ 10, 11 and 12 are iconic sculptures that visualise the industrial heritage of King’s Cross and London.

    After years of intense regeneration, the area is attracting more and more cultural institutes, multinational headquarters and consequently housing development. Gasholder Park and the public area outside of the Gasholder luxury apartment buildings is welcoming and dynamic. Along the banks of Regents Canal, the area has all the potential to become a vibrant district.

    The intricate wrought-iron structures were renovated, including the ornamental details that give the industrial structures a friendly character. A large amount of trees, grass surfaces and raised plant borders introduce greenery. Rough&Ready Big Green Benches designed by Streetlife combine weathering steel borders with ‘Rough&Ready’ seating, establishing an inviting scenery to enjoy a chat with your neighbours.

    The Rough&Ready Top Seat elements, fitted with back- and armrests, continue this combination of seating and greenery in the large natural stone borders of the park. The hardwood slats are mounted in a steel comb with the Streetlock® fixture which is semi-integrated in the granite surfaces. Because of the uniform beam size of 7x15 cm within the Rough&Ready Range, all different product types pair incredibly well.


    In front of the apartment buildings street furniture with a more refined slat size was chosen from theSolid Series. The new Solid Skirt Bench makes for a very inviting and sophisticated seating edge. The Skirt Benches feature a distinctive attractive and strong corner joint between the seat and the upright sections. The transverse Solid slats (7x7cm) create a natural anti-skate solution. Finally this project asked for bespoke Curved Solitude Benches. All Streetlife products used in the Gasholder area are provided with weathering steel supports or walls and hardwood slats with the corresponding widths of 7cm, resulting in a coherent scheme. The somewhat bold but reserved appearance of Streetlife’s street furniture stands firm in the scale of the surrounding architecture and monumentality.

    The revival of this once discarded industrial area by respectfully restoring the heritage and innovatively introducing modern architecture and design seems to be working rather well for London.

  • (Sep 26, 2019)

    Luxury lifestyle

    The very first retail park lifestyle centre in France opened north of Amiens last October offering a mix of retail, recreation and food in an urban setting. Shopping Promenade Coeur de Picardie covers 40,000 m² and is the largest retail park in Picardy. It represents an investment of 50 million euros and has created 400 jobs.

    On the recommendation of Parisian branding agency Brainjuice Studio, developer FREY opted for Streetlife's Drifter Benches for this new large-scale development. The benches are made from 100% reclaimed FSC® basralocus wood, a tropical hardwood, which is now beginning a second life in luxurious surroundings: the massive beams are former mooring posts recovered from Dutch water infrastructure. These beams have been mounted on CorTen steel supports to create sturdy benches with a distinctive rustic look.

    Robust and with a unique history, the benches are in perfect harmony with the scale of this outdoor shopping centre and the rugged urban environment with its graffiti and mature vegetation. Streetlife delivered and installed in record time 46 Drifter benches of different lengths (1 metre, 1.2 metres and 2 metres), jointly weighing some 12,000 kilos. 

    Drifter Bench in Ratail Park Amiens     Solitude Benches in Two Tone CorTen

    Travelling in comfort

    The BHNS (Bus à Haut Niveau de Service) plan by Amiens Métropole is a municipal initiative to innovatively upgrade local bus transport and improve connections between outer districts and the city centre. The new 18-metre-long buses, dubbed Nemo, are fully electric and have a futuristic design. Large windows afford unobstructed views, with USB ports and a quiet motor helping to ensure a high-quality, comfortable travel experience.

    The city’s bus stops have also been redesigned for the future. In 2017, a pilot scheme was set up in the city centre comprising a touch screen system to provide passengers with real-time information on bus schedules and travel times. In addition, the system offers passers-by details about interesting highlights in the vicinity of the bus shelter. For seating furniture, Streetlife's Solitude Benches were selected.

    The infrastructural design for the BHNS was devised by Lyon agency Ilex (Paysage & Urbanisme), which successfully integrated the Streetlife benches into the plan. On behalf of the municipality, the project was supervised by Céline Roche.

    The Solitude Benches have a refined, streamlined appearance and the comfortable high backrests have been mounted decentralised to give the benches an attractive dynamic. The bench supports have been treated with the special multi-coloured coating Two Tone CorTen, which gives the steel frame the warm look of CorTen steel while guaranteeing colour fastness and preventing staining.

    This extensive project has improved the overall travel experience in the city, including the route planning. The contemporary bus stops even give rise to new squares designed to serve as high-quality public spaces. The project went ahead after a pilot phase and once the seating furniture was approved, some 329 benches were delivered in three stages to Amiens. The last bench was installed in January 2019.

    As a result of this fruitful collaboration, the adjacent town of Longueau has also ordered the Solitude Benches, thereby further upgrading the quality of the regional transport network.

  • (Sep 26, 2019)

    The opening of the completely revamped Koning Leopold III square in Blankenberge was a wonderful festive occasion. It marked one of the final stages of the extensive renovation of a number of streets and public spaces across the city. Streetlife supplied 31 Love Tubs to brighten up the square, especially during the winter months. In summer, these striking tree planters will make way for special events.

    The City of Blankenberge requested engineering firm Plantec and Streetlife to collaborate on the development of a new visual identity for the makeover of several locations in the city. Since Blankenberge is a seaside town, the street furniture had to be resistant to the salty air. In consultation with the city council and Plantec, Streetlife provided stainless steel benches and tree planters from its ‘Love’ series.

    The Streetlife Love series comprises benches and tree planters with a monolithic, conical shape. The benches have a seat made of hardwood Solid slats of 7x7 cm. The Love series was extended with a mono seat, the Love Cube, especially for Blankenberge. This smaller version of the Love Bench is a fine addition to the range. At the request of the city authority, the larger Love Benches were fitted with a backrest.

    Solid Love Bench & Love Tubs     Solid Love Bench in Blankenberge

    The Koning Leopold III square is a multifunctional public space and the renovation took this into account with a striking, creative solution. During the winter months, the multi-stemmed birch trees with evergreen ground cover plants give the paved square an intimate feel and decorative appearance. In summer, however, it can be transformed into an events location. The Love Tubs are moveable and can be easily shifted to the edge of the square by forklift.  

    To achieve harmony, the same colours and materials for paving and furniture were applied throughout the various public spaces that formed part of the project. In line with the city council’s requirements, this ensured a consistent visual identity that was certainly helped by the strong levels of coherence to be found within the Love series. The consistent appearance across Streetlife’s various product families inspires urban designers to develop such coordinated landscaping plans.

    Streetlife delivered 27 Cubes, 33 tree planters and 16 benches over three phases of the multiannual renovation project. 

  • High up on Bürgenstock mountain, the rustic landscape comes face to face with modern architecture, history encounters the 21st century and natural forms meet geometric shapes. Products from the Streetlife Rough&Ready and Solid Series highlight these wonderful contrasts while providing a visually attractive coherence.

    Nestled in the Alps, the Bürgenstock Resort (874 metres above sea level) perches on a ridge overlooking Lake Lucerne in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden. The mountain ridge itself offers hikers incomparable views. Surrounded by the Alps and with the lake and the city of Lucerne at their feet, tourists visit the area to enjoy breathtaking panoramas, the rejuvenating spas and the luxurious hotels, restaurants and shops.

    Bürgenstock Resort is an icon of the Swiss hotel industry. The Palace Hotel opened in 1873 followed shortly by a second hotel and a cableway that connected the village with the valley. In the 1960s, Bürgenstock became a meeting place for the rich and famous. Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren resided here along with tsars and grand dukes. In 2008, it was decided to renovate and expand the resort as part of a major phased modernisation project. The work was completed in 2017 with the opening of the new Waldhotel.

    Dové Plan AG was commissioned with the landscape planning of the surrounding Alpine garden. The firm designed a green oasis traversed by an organic path that widens in several places. These open spaces serve as a retreat, offering seating and spectacular views of the Alpine panorama.

    The environment is characterised by striking but pleasant dualities. For instance, the rustic garden and the rural ambience contrast with the modern, luxurious architecture. This contrast is also reflected in the Streetlife street furniture. Products from the Rough&Ready and Solid Series were chosen to highlight the surrounding dualism. The robust character of the Rough&Ready beams (7x15 cm) is juxtaposed with the contemporary, refined appearance of the Solid slats (7x7 cm). Due to the coherence between the different product series in the Streetlife collection, a uniform appearance nevertheless emerges.

    Solid Skirt Circular Benches, Bürgenstock     Rough&Ready Royal Curve Benches, Bürgenstock

    The organic shapes of the path are mirrored by the meandering Rough&Ready Curve Benches. The flexible Streetlife system allowed the landscape architects to determine the radius and length of the benches and the vertical slats of the Rough&Ready Royal Backrests follow the curves seamlessly.

    The three Solid Serif Chaise Longues with their wave-shaped surfaces are in complete harmony with the natural character of the garden, while the slender slat format underlines the elegance of modern architecture. The distance between the individual slats is kept small (8 mm), resulting in an almost closed seat. Thanks to this homogeneous surface and the curved shape, the Solid Serif Chaise Longues are extremely comfortable and act as an open invitation to relax and sunbathe.

    The Solid Skirt Benches also have a modern look. One circular and two elongated benches were selected. The vertical slats of the ‘Skirt’ connect to the horizontal slats of the seat. Streetlife always avoids conventional wood joints and has developed a distinct, elegant corner solution. A slender steel plate simultaneously joins the two slats while emphasising the junction.

    Two geometric Podium Isles round off the project. These were made to measure at the request of the landscape architects. The trapezoidal and polygonal contours are precisely adapted to the surroundings and thus blend perfectly into the garden. Their elegance is reminiscent of the architecture.

    Unique and coherent, Streetlife's collection not only serves to highlight Bürgenstock's compelling contrasts but helps to create a harmonious and highly attractive environment.


  • Free Form Tree Isle
    Many shapes can be created with the Tree Isles System....

  • Many shapes can be created with the Tree Isles System. In order to integrate a Rough&Ready border seat, a diameter of at least three metres is required. Based on a sketch with main dimensions, our advisors will gladly provide you with a non-obligatory proposal.

    These images illustrate various options using Streetlife’s Tree and Seating Isles in a variety of shapes and designs. Larger trees can be securely anchored using a special-purpose sub-soil support system and illuminated using recessed Tree Air® spotlights.

    • This product is the most efficiënt in lengths that are a multiple of ca.300 cm
    • On request the main dimensions of this product can be customized
    • The standard material is untreated weathering steel (-CT), optionally at a surcharge finished in a double layer powder coating (-PC)
  • Drifter
    The Drifter Benches are made of reclaimed mooring posts, recovered from local water infrastructure. These benches are an example of the circular economy, with a unique rustic look that appeals to the imagination....

  • The Drifter Benches are made of reclaimed mooring posts of 30x30 cm -12”x12”, recovered from local water infrastructure. 
    The 30- to 40-year-old tropical hardwood is certified FSC® recycled wood. These benches are an example of the circular economy, with a unique rustic look that appeals to the imagination. 
    There are Drifters Benches with one or two slats (L1/L2).

    The extraordinary density of the tropical hardwood make the beams and the entire bench massively heavy. Because of the nature of the recycled material, deviations in size and irregularities cannot be avoided. The supports are made of heavy gauge CorTen or hot-dip galvanized steel.

    In North America the length of this product is restricted to 300cm | 118".
  • The Solid Edge System
    The Solid Edge System is a simple way to create rising borders with Solid seats. It makes for a pleasant spot to sit shaded by the accompanying greenery....

  • The Solid Edge System is a simple way to create rising borders with Solid seats. It makes for a pleasant spot to sit shaded by the accompanying greenery. The steel base structure is available RAL-coated or in CorTen. The front wall slopes back steeply to create leg space. Side walls at 70°, 90°, 110° or as an extension of the seating edges are optional. The Solid Top Seats are available with 6 slats (46 cm - 18”), 8 slats (62 cm - 24”) or 12 slats (93 cm - 36”). The sturdy hardwood slats are mounted from above using Streetlock® comb fittings.

    From a flat surface, one can easily create green sloping surfaces with Solid sitting edges at heights of ± 47 cm. The side panels are to be placed under multiple angles.

    • This product is the most efficiënt in lengths that are a multiple of ca.300 cm | 118"
    • The standard material is untreated weathering steel (-CT), optionally at a surcharge finished in a double layer powder coating (-PC)
  • Rough&Ready 6 Benches
    The Rough&Ready 6 Benches are sturdy and robust....

  • The Rough&Ready 6 Benches are sturdy and robust. The beams made of durable hardwood are 15 cm - 5.9” thick. They are fixed to the supports by means of our stainless steel and theft-proof Streetlock® comb system. The Streetlock® system affords the benches an extremely long lifespan because the beams can be turned over after 10 to 12 years. The optional backrest is convexly planed and can be fixed at various positions along the length of the bench.

    R&R-6 bench of 6 hardwooden beams with rectangular supports which can be linked to create endless linear arrangements. All Black benches are available in lengths of 200 cm and 250 cm - 79” and 98”. Some air inclusions at the beam heads are unavoidable.

    The R&R 6 Benches are available with a low backrest which gives comfortable support to the lower back. The high backrest with comfortably rounded off beams is positioned asymmetrically. In combination with stainless steel armrests, this bench can be modularly adapted to suit many different local regulations.

    • Available in standard lengths of ca.234 or 300 cm | 92" or 118"
    • On request available in custom lengths of up to ca.300 cm | 118"
    • Longer setups are possible with extension modules
    • Optionally available are armrests or several types of backrests
    • Optionally a LEDbox is available to house the drivers for LED lighting together with making provisions in the wooden beams for LED strips
    • By default in galvanized steel (-TH), optionally steel parts in untreated weathering steel (-CT) or finished in a double layer powder coating (-PC)
    • Also available in All Black composite material (-AB, max. beams length 250 cm | 98")
  • Mobile Green Isles
    The Mobile Green Isles are moveable rectangular planters with integrated hardwood seats. Their basic structure is fabricated from sheet steel. With the 1.5m wide modular elements an infinite amount of designs can be created....

  • The Mobile Green Isles are moveable rectangular planters with integrated hardwood seats. Their basic structure is fabricated from sheet steel. With the 1.5m wide modular elements an infinite amount of designs can be created.

    Seating can be installed alongside or end faces using Solid Topseats made from hardwood slats (7×7 cm - 2.8”x2.8”) fitted with the stainless steel Streetlock® comb system. A seatback measuring 300 cm - 118” is also available (optional). One or two trees can also be accommodated using a planter module.

    The different modules available in the Mobile Green system can be combined to create countless appealing configurations. This means that every square can easily be set up to create an inviting seating area. The Streetrail® system guarantees fast and easy installation on the existing flat paved surface.

    • Standard width of a module is ca.150 cm | 59"
    • The standard length is ca.300 cm | 118"
    • The standard material is untreated weathering steel (-CT), optionally at a surcharge finished in a double layer powder coating (-PC)
  • Cliffhanger Park Benches
    The Cliffhanger Benches are hanging park benches attached to a sturdy wall....

  • The Cliffhanger Benches are hanging park benches attached to a sturdy wall. The finely detailed bench system has a modular interval of 120 cm - 47”. The prefab slat segments are composed of 5x5 cm - 2”x2” 100% hardwood slats with an 8 mm - 0.3” gap between each slat. The slats are mounted on the patented Streetlock® combs.
    The slat segments are assembled with finger joints to reinforce the continuous character of these attractive hanging benches. 

    The Cliffhanger Benches are available as free standing benches. They are generously, low benches, which can also be equipped with medium or high slatted backrests. With and without it is possible to people sitting on two sides of the bench.

    • The standard length is ca.264 cm | 104", extensions are ca.120 cm | 47" long
    • Available as hanging bench or as freestanding bench
    • By default in galvanized steel (-TH), optionally steel parts finished in a double layer powder coating (-PC)
  • X-Table Picnic Sets
    The X-Table Picnic Set is a sturdy picnic table with diagonal supports....

  • The X-Table Picnic Set is a sturdy picnic table with diagonal supports. The metal supports extend elegantly to support the 2 long benches. The resulting design is quite striking. Also available as a separate table for use on roof terraces etc. 

    The tabletop consists of 12 Solid slats (7x7 cm - 2.8”x2.8”) made of 100% FSC® hardwood. They are attached by flange nuts to the Streetlock® comb system, with a gap width of 8 mm. This creates a thick, solid wooden tabletop. The supports are available in galvanized steel or RAL coated. When linked together using a central connection support, the tables measure 470 cm in length and can seat up to 16 people.

    • The standard length is ca.234 cm | 92"
    • Standard table depth is ca.93 cm (12 slats) |36"
  • Rough&Ready Shades Curved and Linear
    Part of Streetlife’s Rough&Ready product range, Rough&Ready Shades Curved offer a modular shade solution for public spaces....

  • Part of Streetlife’s Rough&Ready product range, Rough&Ready Shades Curved offer a modular shade solution for public spaces. The Rough&Ready wooden beams measure 7x15 cm - 2.8”x5.9”. The beams are fitted onto heavy gauge Streetlock® combs that are fully integrated with the structure, satisfying both function and providing an attractive form. The beams are only available in light and durable W-Wood® in honey brown colour. 

    The W-Wood® used is European FSC® pine made extremely durable through a process of deep treatment with a natural wax compound. The W-Wood® used has a similar life expectancy to FSC® hardwood, but has a lower density and hardness. The polychrome honey brown will fade very gradually to a greyer tone (over a period of about 3 years).

    The steel structure can be galvanized or finished with an RAL- coating. This modular system allows for a variety of lay-out configurations, including circular shaped-structures with a minimum radius of 10 meter - 30 ft as well as straight and angular arrangements.

    • Standard setups are 240×240, 240×300 or 300×300 cm
    • Standard height of ca.300 cm
    • By default finished in galvanised steel (-TH), optionally steel parts finished in a double layer powder coating (-PC)
  • Solid Meet&Work
    The Solid Meet&Work System consists of various landscaping elements with which playful configurations can be created in public places, on roof terraces and at meeting points....

  • The Solid Meet&Work System consists of various landscaping elements with which playful configurations can be created in public places, on roof terraces and at meeting points. The combinations of benches, tables and tree planters offer innovative alternatives to traditional picnic settings and are ideal for creating attractive recreational areas for both short and longer stays. The various elements are made of aluminium with FSC®- 100% hardwood Solid slats (7x7 cm - 2.8”x2.8”).

    This high-quality system is for example ideal for the outdoor area of a large office complex. Flexible workstations and meeting areas can be combined with sustainable greenery.

    • The tree planter, from which the benches hang, comes in square sizes of 120 or 150 cm
    • The standard material for the planter is bead blasted aluminum (-AL), optionally steel parts finished in a double layer powder coating (-PC)
    • Other elements in the M&W series in galvanised steel (-TH), optionally steel parts finished in a double layer powder coating (-PC)
  • Highlife III Benches
    The Highlife III style affords a contemporary and graphic character to new seating solutions. The alternating slat design is created using multi-coloured FSC® hardwood in three different widths....

  • The Highlife III style affords a contemporary and graphic character to new seating solutions. The alternating slat design is created using multi-coloured FSC® hardwood in three different widths.

    The elegant Highlife III Benches are extremely comfortable thanks to the high backs. The height is 45+55 = 100 cm. The steel supports are hot-dip galvanized and finished with powder coating in anthracite grey.

    The Highlife III product range is a complete family of street furniture including benches, Top Seats, picnic sets and tree planters.

    • Available in standard lengths ca.170 or 234 cm
    • Available with or without an integrated backrest
    • By default finished in galvanised steel (-TH), optionally steel parts finished in a double layer powder coating (-PC)

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