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Saucy Lures Trolling bars, Stingers Sputterbird Teasers

We manufacture the Sputterbird teaser that uses counter rotating blades to produce strong vibrations and water disturbance to attract game fish from a long distance. An inner rattle adds to this effect.

Vibrations travel down the lines to following squid or lures to make them "alive" and creates motion and sound that fish will investigate. Combined with our spreader bar rigs and trailing "Stingers", it creates the impression of an entire school of fish or squid.

The new Side Planer design moves them out from the prop wash while trolling so outrigers are no longer needed to create a wide trolling pattern. They can be used on either side by flipping them over. A variety of sizes and color patterns are available.

We also make a keeled "Stinger" bait that will ride upright at all times, the flared skirt vibrates in response to the teaser and the hook can be locked in any orientation (best upright) for better hookups.

Bigger bars now have an optional center squid with internal foam that rides under the bar to achieve better side planing and less visibility to the bar. This is combined with a "Canadian break away" that will separate a hooked fish from the bar for easier landing.

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 Show Specials

  • We have a sale price on all of our products, prices will  be given when you check out. This includes our various spreader bar designs and options that are only available from us.

    We also have bare squid for those who like to build their own bars, 15% off.

    Two types of "stingers" fully rigged are also vailable at that discounted price. As always, we have stand-alone Sputterbird teasers and daisy chains. Our "Fake tuna" are also available to add to your teaser collection, they really work well on marlin and big tuna.

 Press Releases

  • This is  unique design to make your spreaderbar track to the side of the boat path so it is running in clear water and away from other rigs running back from your boat transom. 3 to 5 knots boat speed should allow you to run a minimum of 4 lines back without crossing. Careful placement will allow 8 lines easily, maybe more. Don't be surprised if you get multiple hookups, especially if you are fishing yellowfin or blackfin tuna running in a school.

    We also are offering some options in spreader bar use, including a "breakaway" design and an "under bar" squid. All these use our custom Sputterbird teasers to maximize splash and vibration, and fish appeal.


  • Saucy Side Planer
    A spreader bar for trolling that has a side planing "mini-surfboard" to provide a wider pattern without using outriggers. Some have a foam filled squid that elevates the bar to separate it from the water surface....

  • The Saucy Side planer speader bars are the best tuna catchers you can find. It's side planing plate easily moves the spreader bar away from your boat wake while trolling so you do not need outriggers. You can place it on either side of your boat by flipping it over, making no other changes to it. Main idea is to get it away from your prop wash so it is easier for distant tuna to see it and go into attack mode.

    Three Saucy Sputterbird teasers behind the bar rotate to add action to all of the squid lures attached to the bar, especially the last one, the "stinger" down the middle. Tuna and mahi cannot ignore all this action as it looks like a feeding bait school distracted from predator fish. Easy pickings!!

    An optional foam filled squid is placed under the spreader bar to elevate it from the water surface, making it move further away from your boat and reducing "bar splash" that is a giveaway. This foam squid can also be provided with a "Canadian Breakaway" rig that will separate the main line from the bar so it will be easier to land your fish. This is especially important when you have a big tuna hooked and it wants to get away from your boat.

    A variety of sizes and color patterns are available, samples are at this show and links to my Sputterbird website can easily be made if you are looking for something different than we have here. Prices here are 15% below the website prices but if you enter a discount code available at our booth you will get it as well. Samples of each color and size is in the booth and I may be able to rerange somethind different if you do not see what you want. Smallest squid size is 9" long, largest is 18" long. Some of the squid are colored and constructed to look like a  mackerel or herring, some are glow in the dark, some have metallicstrips.

    Combine a speader bar assembly with a "stinger" of your choice, or use one you already have by attaching it to the snap swivel hidden in thelast center squid.

    Rigging line for the center is 400# clear Jinkai so you can handle a fish at the boat without getting line cuts. Other squid lines are usually 300 # Jinkai to get more  motion. The 400" jinkai clear passes through a three line spindle and reattaches to the bar with solid crimps so they are extra strong. A third 400# line runs from this spindle to the other end of the bar to complete the bar harness.

    We will see you in our "Sputterbird" booth #416. You will see a couple of shortened squid bars with side planers on display at the isle.