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Welcome! We help people prevent heart attacks and strokes.

We help people prevent strokes and heart attacks. How? We start with genetics. Most people think cardiovascular genetics determine your future. That's not true! 99.9% of CV genetics are not determinative. They do not predict your future. We use genetic tests like the heart attack gene and the stroke gene as markers that serve to guide you on a pathway to prevention. We use other CV disease bio-markers to identify reversible risk factors. Check out our Hinman specials to see how easy it is to get these tests done yourself (without phlebotomy). These are tests your primary care doctor back home has probably never checked.  

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  • (Feb 28, 2022)

    15% off these test panels:

    Cardiovascular genetics panel (including the heart attack gene, the stroke gene, the dementia and fat absorption gene, and the statin therapeutic target gene): normal price $280. Hinman discount 15% off = $238.

    Cardiovascular bio-marker panel (includes LPpLAc, Cardio-CRPP, homocysteine, HemA1c, glucose, lipoprotein (a), Apo-B, Lipid panel): normal price $260. Hinman discount 15% off = $221.

    If you get both tests, take an extra 10% off $459 = $413.

    These tests do NOT require phlebotomy. Genetic tests are done with a mouth swab. Blood bio-markers are done with a few drops of blood on a card, which you then drop in the mail.