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Be BrighterDissolving Teeth Whitening Strips

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  • Be brighter
    BSolve, experts in the development of Dissolving Teeth Whitening strips. Designed for easy, discreet, effective use, to meet the needs of customers navigating today's busy, on-the-go lives and are environmentally friendly....

  • Define your style with super-easy, fast dissolving, premium whitening strips for an extra-bright smile.
    • High-performance
    • Use on-the-go
    • One simple step
    • No single-use plastic waste
    Clinically proven
    Our revolutionary dissolvable strip technology means a simple and easy ‘one step’ process and they rapidly dissolve, typically within just 10-15 minutes. Ideal on a busy day. There’s no messy gels or liquids or lights involved, no preparation required and no residue to deal with, leaving your mouth with a fresh minty flavor.