Premier Dental Products Company

  • Booth: 1343

For over a century, Premier® Dental Products Company has developed and manufactured innovative technologies for dental professionals worldwide. Products include: Enamelon® preventive treatment gel, Enamel Pro® prophy paste, Enamel Pro® Varnish, Traxodent® Hemodent® paste retraction system, Two Striper® diamonds, Solo single–patient diamonds, 2pro® disposable prophy angles, instruments, Triple Tray® and AeroPro® the NEW Cordless Handpiece.

Brands: RC-Prep®, Triple Tray®, Traxodent®, Enamel Pro®, Big Easy® Ultralite™, Perfecta® REV®, T-LOC™, CompCore™, Two Striper®, Brite Shield™, Alfa™, Solo Diamond™, Slix™ and AeroPro®.