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Fight Fire, Not the Hose w/ the Technology to Take the Heat!

Finally, be NFPA 1002 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.156 compliant upon the world's first-ever 'TOTAL' Engine Pressure (EP) calculator, both in the Apple (iOS - w/ FREE TRIAL thru 1/26/22) at http://AppleHydraulicsApp.com) and Android [http://WildlandHydraulicsApp.com] versions.

AND as a SAFETY BACKUP, the world's first http://HydraulicsSlideRule.com as demonstrated at http://HydraulicsSlideRule.net

Law REQUIRES ALL driver/operators SHALL demonstrate the requisite knowledge to accurately estimate the 'TOTAL' Engine Pressure (EP) in mere seconds to:

'Produce an effective fire stream at the rated flow of the nozzle' ...or STOP ALL PROGRESSION when maximum pump pressure is exceeded and therefore endangers the SAFETY of your crew!

Increase nozzle flow 56% as you extend a hose lay 83% further and pump water 639' higher: http://HENway.org

Secure immediate protection from ANY pre-connect http://BurnOver.HFTFire.com upon http://HoseRoller.net and roll 5" LDH and coil hose to its 'Critical Minimum Inside Diameter' for immediate deployment as proven at http://HoseRoller.info. 

http://OutThinkWildFire.net upon http://WetHomesDontBurn.com

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