Black Swan Analytics LLC

United States
  • Booth: 336

Black Swan Analytics welcomes you to IAFC Booth 325.

We are excited to bring consumer advocacy to insurance customers in wildfire areas.  Too many residents are denied coverage in error due to unsophisticated modeling, inaccurate and/or missing information.  We put ourselves between the insured and the underwriters and make the case for coverage with scientific evidence based on actual conditions in the area.  Our offering includes an NFPA Assessment completed by a Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist (CWMS), along with recommendations and evidence of mitigation efforts by both residents and business owners.  The process  itself educates consumeres, empowers them to reduce their chance of loss due to wildfire, and increases their understanding and control over their insurance premium.  

Black Swan's proprietary scoring model, the "Phi Chi", takes these actions into account and breaks the overall score into four components for maximum flexibility in underwriting and pricing.  The components are Fuel and Ignition Sources, Hazards, and Susceptibilities. The natural environment detemines Fuel and Igntion Sources while Hazards are based on the built environment and Susceptibilites on social.