High Point Fibers Inc.

High Point,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 3420

  High point Fibers Inc. is a North Carolina non woven manufacturer in the furniture capital of the world.  Looking to the future to meet the needs of new and old applications for current and prospective customers is our goal. High Point Fibers Inc. was established in 1998 and founded by John Hailey. Since the doors opened, HPF has been dedicated to supplying 125-150 customers, large and small, with high quality products for all their applications. Insulator pads are our main product. We have developed others for box spring covers as another application. Our pads can range from 1oz. - 2.5oz. per square foot and are bonded by low melt fibers or a clay/latex mixture. They can be needled or non needled for loft. High Point Fibers primary shoddy pad which is made from recycled material, is now joined with a solid white polyester or black polyester pad. 

Brands: Insulator and box spring pads are a couple of our applications. We have shoddy, white, and black polyester pads ranging fro 1oz.-2.5 oz.

Technical Support: support@a2zinc.net