KO-SI d.o.o.

Slovenj Gradec, 
  • Booth: 722

Company KO-SI is producing pads made of plant fibre and animal hair for mattresses and upholstered furniture. The firm pads are used as reinforcement base on springs while the soft pads on the surface grant snugness and comfort. Both types of upholstering pads can be used in the compound mattresses too. They are made of 100 % natural materials like sea grass, coconut fibre, sisal fibre, hemp, flax, horsehair, sheep wool, cashmere, camel hair, llama and alpaca wool etc.
All the products can be delivered in rolls or cut to size. They are made according to ISO 9001 and ISO 12000   and carry the highest level (permanent contact to baby skin) of certificate OEKO TEX Standard 100.

Brands: KO-SI d.o.o. - Only the best of what nature can offer.

Technical Support: support@a2zinc.net