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Welcome to MacroXport reliable mattress and foam machinery

MacroXport specializes in machinery for the mattresses and furniture industry

We manufacture mostly in China under the brand MacroXport - MX Machinery, with high level of quality control, oriented to USA and European market.

We mostly export to North America, South American and Australia. Therefore our customers are mainly from English and Spanish speaking countries that need to buy new machinery to build factories or renew to increase their productive capacity.

Buy machinery is not a process, which can be run high risks, our philosophy is to sell to our customers what they really need, seeking its economy with good quality

Brands: MacroXport MX machinery


  • Ultrasound Quilting machine
    It can be used for mattress covers and bedspreads. It does not use needles and nor threads to achieve high quality quilting...

  •       Ultrasound quilting machine specially designed for the manufacture of mattresses, clothing, upholstery, car seats, medical implements,   among other applications. It can also be used for mattress covers and bedspreads.    It does not use needles or threads to achieve high quality quilting. This quilting machine uses ultrasound technology to attach 3 layers   of material in different shapes to manufacture mattress covers, quilts, clothing, seat covers, car covers, washing units, reflective materials   and other products.  
          The width of the machine is adjusted according to customer needs. However, our standard models for the mattress and furniture industry are presented  in versions of 1.8 2.0 2.6 and 3 meters wide.    The designs are conditioned to the main cylinder, that is, different rollers must be manufactured according to the designs that are needed based on   the customer's requirements.    High production speed and product elasticity.    Easy to operate and do not need extra materials or supplies such as threads, needles, glue, etc.    It can include horizontal and vertical cutter and tape edge or finisher

    Quilt Max. Width

    2400mm - 2500mm - 2600m -3000mm

    Max. fabric thickness


    Max. Quilt thickness





    380V 50-60Hz 3p or 220V 60Hz 3p

    Ultrasound System


    Production Speed


    Air pressure





    5000 x 4200 x 2000 (mm)

  • MX-9630A Multi-needle Quilting Machine
    This multi needle quilting machine is used to produce quilted fabrics specially oriented to manufacture mattress pads, quilts, bedding, upholstery and more...

    • Fully computerized and easy to use
    • With single stitching, before and after roller structure, processing precision without altering graphics
    • Needles placed on bars that avoid damaging the fabric
    • The main shaft, saddle and roller frequency conversion control device adopt servo drive equipment.
    • Computer controlled needle speed.
    • Sensors to detect the thread cut and stop the process automatically

    Technical Information / Información Técnica

    Dimensions (L*W*H) / Dimensiones


    Max. quilting width / Ancho máximo de acolchado


    Space between needle bars / Espacio entre barras de agujas

    50.8,76.2,127(5")  76.2,76.2,152.4(6")

    Line of needle / Línea de Agujas

    3 lines

    Space between needles / Espacio entre agujas


    X  displacement - Despazamiento


    Space between needles / Espacio entre agujas


    Axis X displacement / Despazamiento eje X


    Quilting thickness / Máximo grosor del acolchado

    ≤ 80mm

    Production speed / Velocidad de producción


    Type of needle / Tipo de agijas


    Max. work speed / Velocidad máxima de trabajo

    1200 rpm

    Power / Poder


    Voltage / Voltage

    380V/50Hz  220V/60Hz

    Weight - Peso


  • MXEF-CSA Auto Flip Tape Edge Machine
    Tape edge machine mainly used to seal mattresses. In this tape edge sewing machine, the sewing head does not move...

  • it is fixed and can be adjusted vertically to work with different mattress heights. Also the angle of the head is adjustable for better manipulation. When this industrial sewing machine is working, the conveyor belt move the mattress, for easy sewing and seal the sides.

    The mattress tape edge sewing machine can also turn the mattress in 90º automatically, in order to close the other side. Because when you finished the top one, you can activate the flipping arms and flip the mattress. The speed is reduced in the corners to improve and make the sewing process more precise.

    This industrial sewing machine is made with high quality components, mostly from Europe and the USA, and we guarantee stability, efficiency and durability

    Technical Information / Información técnica

    Sewing Speed / Velocidad Cosedora


    Mattress Thickness / Grueso del colchón


    Height of Head / Altura del cabezal


    Table Dimensions / Tamaño de la mesa

    2000 x 4060 x 900mm

    Equipment Dimensions: / Tamaño de la máquina

    2821 x 4148 x 1682mm

    Power Source / Fuente de Poder

    Trifásico 380V 50HZ – 220v 60HZ

    Total Power / Poder Total


    Air Pressure / Presión de Aire


    Total Weight / Peso Total


    Production Capacity / Capacidad de Producción

    15-20 unit-hour

    Total Weight – Peso Total


  • MXFB Fix Table Tape Edge machine
    This automatic tape edge machine is mainly used to seal mattresses. The head does moves around the table and...

  • and  it can be adjusted vertically to accommodate to different mattress heights.
    The angle of the head is adjustable. When it is functioning, the conveyor belt handles the mattress for it to be closed.

    The machine turns 90º automatically in order to close the other side. The corners are closed when the mattress turns. When all four sides are closed, the machine flips the mattress vertically in order to close the other side.

    Technical Information / Información técnica

    Height of Mattresses / Alto de los Colchones


    Table Dimensions / Tamaño de la mesa

    1000mm x 2000mm

    Sewing Head / Máquina Cosedora

    Chain stitch

     Angle of working head / Angulo de trabajo del cabezal


    Adjustable head / Tamaño del cabezal ajustable

    150 a 300 mm

    Sewing Speed / Velocidad de la Cocedora

    1100 - 3000 RPM

    Production Speed / velocidad de Producción

    60 ‘ 80 pcs/H.

    Power - Potencia

    1.2 KW

  • MXASM-30C Automatic Mattress Packing machine
    This machine packs the mattress automatically, not requiring more than one operator...

  • The mattress is placed on a conveyor belt where an automatic bar fixes its position. Then said belt drives it to the frontal sealing system, where upon entering, a system with an open plastic roll wraps it, so that the system seals it frontally.

    Then moving on to the second area, the side sealer. The system adjusts to the width of the mattress (which in this case is the length since the mattress enters horizontally to use only one width of plastic)

    allows the mattress to be wrapped in plastic).

    This system allows the use of plastics open on 3 sides, of different thicknesses. Finally, the mattress is expelled to the storage area, where it is ready for dispatch, obtaining a level of professional sealing and excellent presentation.

    This system allows mattresses and mats of different sizes to be sealed quickly and efficiently, ideal for factories with a high level of productivity and quality in the presentation of products.

    Technical Information / Información técnica

    Max. Packing width / Ancho máximo de empaque


    Max. Packing Heigh / Altura máxima de empaque


    Production Speed / Velocidad de plastificado

    0 - 30m/min

    System to Dectect the Heigh Automatically / Sistema de Detección de altura automático

    Yes / Si

    Syncronized System / Sistema sincronizado

    Yes / Si

    Automatic Pressure / Sistema de presión automático

    Yes / Si

    Max. Packing Size / Tamaño máximo a empacar

    2100 x 2100 x 600mm

    Auto Position and frontal Seal System / Sistema de auto posición y sellado frontal

    Yes / Si

    Seal and Cutting Lateral System / Sistema de sellado y cortado lateral


    Total Power / Poder total


    Area required to install the system / Area necesaria para el equipo

    7000mm x 3000mm x 2600mm

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