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Welcome to MacroXport reliable mattress and foam machinery

MacroXport specializes in machinery for the mattresses and furniture industry

We manufacture mostly in China under the brand MacroXport - MX Machinery, with high level of quality control, oriented to USA and European market.

We mostly export to North America, South American and Australia. Therefore our customers are mainly from English and Spanish speaking countries that need to buy new machinery to build factories or renew to increase their productive capacity.

Buy machinery is not a process, which can be run high risks, our philosophy is to sell to our customers what they really need, seeking its economy with good quality

Brands: MacroXport MX machinery


  • Ultrasound Quilting machine
    It can be used for mattress covers and bedspreads. It does not use needles and nor threads to achieve high quality quilting...

  •       Ultrasound quilting machine specially designed for the manufacture of mattresses, clothing, upholstery, car seats, medical implements,   among other applications. It can also be used for mattress covers and bedspreads.    It does not use needles or threads to achieve high quality quilting. This quilting machine uses ultrasound technology to attach 3 layers   of material in different shapes to manufacture mattress covers, quilts, clothing, seat covers, car covers, washing units, reflective materials   and other products.  
          The width of the machine is adjusted according to customer needs. However, our standard models for the mattress and furniture industry are presented  in versions of 1.8 2.0 2.6 and 3 meters wide.    The designs are conditioned to the main cylinder, that is, different rollers must be manufactured according to the designs that are needed based on   the customer's requirements.    High production speed and product elasticity.    Easy to operate and do not need extra materials or supplies such as threads, needles, glue, etc.    It can include horizontal and vertical cutter and tape edge or finisher

    Quilt Max. Width

    2400mm - 2500mm - 2600m -3000mm

    Max. fabric thickness


    Max. Quilt thickness





    380V 50-60Hz 3p or 220V 60Hz 3p

    Ultrasound System


    Production Speed


    Air pressure





    5000 x 4200 x 2000 (mm)

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