Evergreen Global (United Tyres)

  • Booth: L135

United brand TBR from India/Delium brand PCR from Indonesia

Products & Services: We have been in the tire business for over 25 years specializing in tires for commercial vehicles. Our private brand, ‘United’ (made in India and China), is manufactured in factories known for their high emphasis on quality and cover both the heavy duty radial commercial tires and as well as the traditional conventional tires. We also distribute premium brands like Ceat (India), Chaoyang, Wind Power and Infinity (China) and Delium (Indonesia) in selected markets.

Productos & Servicios: Hemos formado parte de la industria de neumáticos durante 25 años especializándose en neumáticos para vehículos comerciales. Nuestra marca privada, ‘United’ es fabricada en factorías conocidas por su énfasis en calidad y cubre tanto neumáticos radiales comerciales pesados como neumáticos tradicionales y convencionales. También distribuimos marcas Premium como Ceat (India), Chaoyang, Wind Power e Infinity (China), y Delium (Indonesia) en varios mercados.

Brands: United brand TBR from India / Delium brand PCR from Indonesia

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