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Tri-ace can offer all the tires you are looking for!

HONGKONG TRI-ACE TIRE CO.,LTD,established in 2006,it has developed several series of high performance products with several special dimension on the basic of R&D of PCR tire.With its strong design ability,strict quality control,and the results of several events around the world (Gran Prix,Rally Racing,Tour Europe of Drift All-stars,Off Road Racing and more),HONGKONG TRI-ACE TIRE CO.,LTD provide driving safety and fun for the drivers of the world.

From the beginning of establishment,Tri-ace company Vigorously develop overseas business.In a number of countries and regions in the world,in view of the different needs of different markets,based on his independent technology,A variety of products have been developed and manufactured.Based on the huge tire market in North America,the US branch of Tri-ace was established.At the same time,the high quality snow tire and dritifing tire enter sucessfully Japan and Europe.It is also opens up the growing market in China,Thailand and Malaysia.With the expansion of global business,after the innitial single brand"TRI-ACE",two new brands were introuduced:"Black Bear" and "Mark Ma".

Tri-ace owns a full range of tires 12-32 inches for PCR,MPV,SUV,LTR and TBR,can find the right products which give consideration to the silence,riding comfort and high speed stability.

"Mark Ma" is located in high class Off-Road tyres,and snow tires,distinctive formula and pattern design providing a stable grip in all environments and ensure the driving safety.

"Black Bear" is focused on providing AT/MT Tires,Rugged tread designs have enhanced outstanding cross-performance ,as well as excellent driving performance and braking performance on the wet land and mud,the abrasion resistance and the trauma resistance are more satisfying.

HONGKONG TRI-ACE TIRE CO.,LTD Will continue to maintain its product concept"Terrific Technology,Radical rim diameter and Incredible quality",design and produce more excellent tire to win the market and consumers,to become a new generation of world-class tire brands.

Brands: HONGKONG TRI-ACE TIRE CO.,LTD owns three brand:Tri-ace for full range products from 12 inch to 32 inch, Mark Ma for Off Road competition and snow tires. Black Bear brand focus on the Off road tires.

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