Brunswick Bowling Products

United States
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Dinner and a movie? Bowling and a bite? Each alone are leading time-honored choices for date night, an evening with friends, or a family outing. But what if patrons could engage in either or both? As bowling surges in popularity across a myriad of demographics, theater owners across the country are forging relationships with bowling industry leaders to increase traffic to their complexes and offer a more diverse entertainment option lengthening each visit. The most popular of indoor sports is now sharing space with the always classic option of movie going. 

The inclusion of a full restaurant and bar commonly non-existent in classic bowling alleys or theaters generates more foot traffic, lends to longer on-site time per customer, and more profit for the bottom line. Create an atmosphere that's perfect for families, friends and groups by having a one-stop entertainment destination. 

 Whether it's before the lights dim or after the credits roll, bowling extends the night—and the profits. Visit for more information. 

Brands: Sync Scoring & Management System, Spark, Center Stage Furniture


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