Flexound Augmented Audio

Espoo,  Finland 
  • Booth: 2825A


FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ combines high quality audio with physical vibration, creating a unique immersive experience. Patented FLEXOUND technology offers equal sound quality in every seat independent of seat location. It improves the clarity of dialogue, enhances the emotions created by the story and provides the audiences a very natural and truly immersive sound without need for a remix or recode allowing cinema operators to screen any content in a FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ boosted cinema.

The sensationof touch to cinema sound. High quality audio with physical vibration

  • Clarity of dialogue
  • Equal sound independent of seat location
  • No remixing needed
  • Any Content format.

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ is a revolutionary Finnish audio innovation that is rapidly gaining recognition in different industries globally. The multinational team started the work in 2015 to help autistic children by adding the sensation of touch to music. Now the versatile, globally unique, and patented technology can be embedded into cinema, airplane or car seats, gaming chairs, cushions, furniture and more.

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™  for Cinemas explained in 2min video

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