IPG Photonics

Oxford,  MA 
United States
  • Booth: Milano 3


Laser illuminated digital projection  is the future of the digital cinema industry. Spectacular color purity, high brightness and longevity make lasers the illumination technology of choice. IPG Photonics, the leading manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers, has developed cutting-edge technology extending the benefits into the visible light spectrum.


IPG’s NEW 3P/6P Luminaire Laser System is designed for  2D & 3D digital cinema, theme parks & other entertainment markets; broad laser linewidths for each color dramatically reduce speckle, ensuring excellent image quality. The system's flexible architecture is scalable from 20 to >300 klm of combined light output into the projector. The 2D/3D image quality has been demonstrated by coupling the system with 4K cinema projector heads. Reliable, compact and efficient, the system provides high power, high quality beams with an extremely stable wavelength over a range of real world operating conditions.

IPG Photonics will be demonstrating our system at the CinemaCon Show; email cinema@ipgphotonics.com to pre-book. For more information, contact Eric Rodli at cinema@ipgphotonics.com or 323.788.5617.