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Double Luck Gaming

Las Vegas,  NV 
United States
  • Booth: 1803

Double Luck Gaming offers a variety of GLI approved table game variations for blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and craps.  Our philosophy centers on innovation, creativity, and challenging long-held assumptions. By applying such values, we better position ourselves to help you meet the ever-evolving demands of today’s fiercely competitive market with games that will increase your profitability while heightening the player experience.

Brands: Baccarat Blitz; Burn One 21; Rainbow Bet Roulette; Fielder's Choice Craps


  • Burn One 21
    Blackjack is more fun when you have the power to Burn One!

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  • "Burn One 21" is a Blackjack variation that allows players more flexibility to play their stiff hands by affording them a feature called the "Burn One" option.  This benefit allows the player to gain the ability to discard a card by paying an optional fee that is 10% of the main wager and collected prior to the start of the round.  If the player is dealt a hard 12-16 on the first two cards of a hand (including split hands), he/she may play according to the standard rules while also having the advantage to employ the "Burn One" option and discard either card in exchange for the next card in the shoe OR hit the hard hand (once or multiple times) and discard any card in the hand as long as the hand didn't bust. 

    The house edge is a little under 1%  if played according to its own basic strategy -- which is NOT intuitive to most players.  As a result, player errors will increase the house edge as well as your hold.  So, stop by our booth and play it yourself so you can see the advantages of placing Burn One 21 on your floor today!

  • Baccarat Blitz
    Baccarat Blitz.....It's Baccarat but Better!

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  • "Baccarat Blitz" is a faster, simpler, and commission-free version of baccarat.  It plays like the traditional game, however, only one card is dealt to both the Player & Banker, and the hand with the highest point value, closest to 9, determines the winning outcome.  "Baccarat Blitz" differs from the standard game when a Tie outcome occurs because when this event takes place, the hand is not over.  Instead, all wagers remain in play and automatically enter into a second round to determine the winning outcome.  If a Tie outcome occurs a second time, known as the "Double Tie", both Player and Banker wagers lose -- which gives the house its only advantage. In addition, the game offers some attractive bonus side bets for the player that range from 40:1 to 5000:1 which increases player appeal as well as your hold.

    The house edge for both the Player and Banker wagers is 2.12%.  "Baccarat Blitz" is double the house edge over the traditional game, is commission-free, is over twice as fast, is easy to deal, doesn't change the core principle of the traditional game, and affords players some monstrous payouts.  So, stop by our booth and see for yourself why you should add "Baccarat Blitz" to your floor today!

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