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Financial Accountability Compliance Technology, Inc.

Overland Park,  KS 
United States
  • Booth: 2131


Frank Murry CEO


  • FACT31 (Title 31)
    Compliance can no longer be over looked nor can it be reduced to an ancillary role. Player tracking systems are designed to track as many transactions as possible and record 100’s of thousands of records each week....

  • Why the F.A.C.T. Solution? Our software ties together all your data systems, creates digital processes for many manual transactions and correctly stores this information so our software logic can correctly aggregate, monitor and learn auditable and actionable patterns. FACT can manage, monitor and report all financial and potential criminal activities that are happening both inside and outside of the subject institution to not only satisfy the financial requirements imposed by governmental agencies but assist in recognizing patterns of criminal activity that may impact the safety of the institution’s assets, personnel and/or outside stakeholders immediately or in the future. All this is monitored 24/7 via FACT’s automated solution and alerts Management to issues immediately upon detection. 

    Competitors provide a complicated, old school and labor-intensive method for simple reporting of financial irregularities. FACT provides automated detection and reporting coupled with digital environmental monitoring of a potential suspects digital footprint to determine potential financial irregularities and criminal threats.

     FACT pays for itself quickly through reduction in labor and provides peace of mind knowing that in the background our solution is keeping our Clients compliant while protecting your assets.

    • FACT’s solution communicates through gateways and interfaces to all of your software to help you control your technology and how you interact with it.

    • FACT provides a fully integrated Predictive Analytic / Active Shooter Platform as a part of our financial environmental monitoring.

         - Capture social media data feeds

         - Structured and unstructured data feeds

         - Evaluate and process data into actionable alert systems

         - Provide defined outputs and alerts via both physical alert systems and digital communication platforms.

         - Allows rapid response warning which provide automatic notification to:

    ▪ First responders "Police and EMS" of a PENDING THREAT

    ▪ All personnel, customers and others at risk

    F.A.C.T., Inc. is a KC- and Tulsa-based AI-enabled software firm that
    provides a full-cycle risk management solution for the gaming sector. The Company,
    majority owned by enrolled tribal citizens with deep industry experience....

  • CAPSOL Pre Event Notification™ The Intelligent Notification System:

    Intelligence is a sometimes-overused phrase. When information is collected and processed to notify of an event prior to it occurring, the intelligence is invaluable. CAPSOL is providing users early warning of a pending event. CAPSOL monitors all types of data sources to look for threats to human life. Providing a notification to the proper people of a pending event or a suspected threat allows action to be taken as early as possible to mitigate or diffuse the situation. Powerful as stand-alone, CAPSOL’s power is fully demonstrated when seamlessly integrated with CAPSOLNotes Mobile Reporting Applications and CAPSOLControl Notification for alerting. As a valuable data source from those directly affected by the threat, CAPSOLNotes S4S and F4S Mobile Reporting Tools provide an extremely valuable and reliable source of information. In addition to standard e-mail and text features, CAPSOL’s Rules Engine is an extremely powerful and flexible tool. CAPSOL brings the data and information to “LIFE” by initiating ALERTS or creating messages to be sent to specific individuals or groups. The Rules Engine separates CAPSOL from other similar solutions. 


    • Bullying 
    • Assault 
    • Suicide Risk 
    • Sexual Harassment 
    • Active Shooter 
    • Demonstration
    • SAR (Suspicious Activity)
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