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It's Nanoed Inc.

Las Vegas,  NV 
United States
  • Booth: 234

It's Nanoed™ Vision

It's Nanoed is committed to bringing the world back to normal with unparalleled solutions for a cleaner today and a safer tomorrow. Proactive impact on the current pandemic is just the beginning of keeping the world safer for decades to come, making It's Nanoed™ your pathogen control and protection solution for life.  

Brands: It's Nanoed 30 Day Surface Barrier Protection, 8 Hour Hand Sanitizer+, Crystal Clean HOCl All Purpose Cleaner

 Show Specials

  • Stop by our booth for your free 8-hour Hand Sanitizer+ Sample! 

    No alcohol, gentle on skin and no constant reapplication.  Learn more about how you can keep your family, employees and clients safe from germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and more with all natural products that last 8 hours on skin and 30 days on surfaces.

    Our products do not damage surfaces, machines or tables and save time and money versus traditional, inferior cleaning methods. 

    Perfect for:

    • Casinos
    • Hospitality
    • Restaurants

    It's Nanoed is bringing back the handshake and changing the way we clean and protect our homes, autos and businesses.


    Booth 234

 Press Releases

  • While sanitization and cleanliness have always been crucial, the past year has demonstrated the need for deep cleaning and barrier products that work for longer than just a few minutes. It’s Nanoed™ is a leader in sanitization and barrier products offering agents that continually disinfect surfaces for 30 days and keep hands sanitized for eight hours.


    “We are changing the way people are cleaning,” says Rob Ekstedt, CEO of It’s Nanoed™. “Currently heavy chemicals and alcohol are being used with toxic fumes and many side effects.” This is not the case with It's Nanoed.


    Sanitizing with most traditional products is refered to as a chemical kill, which kills microbes but becomes ineffective immediately. However, It’s Nanoed™  Creates a bed of protection using mechanics instead of chemicals. The flagship products are water-based and eco-friendly. In addition to killing harmful microbes, It’s Nanoed™ Protectant Barriers also reject water, oil, solvents, dirt, mold, and mildew while being resistant to abrasion, environmental decay, and U.V. light breakdown. The products also protect against staph infection, MRSA, and C-Diff. Using our Crystal Clean HOCl All purpose disinfectant. No matter how many people come into contact with surfaces treated with our 30 Day Barrier Protection, the product will continue to kill 99.9% of germs and microbes for 30 days.


    It’s Nanoed™ Protectant Barriers pose no risk when inhaled or applied to the skin and still effectively prevent microbes from forming on surfaces for 30 days. It is safe to use around children, pets, and anyone with allergies. Barrier products are easily applied and don’t require PPE when using the product.


    According to the company’s research, the average time an alcohol-based sanitizer is effective is about two minutes. Think of a child who puts hand sanitizer on and then takes a bus to school. As soon as they enter the bus, surfaces will be touched providing the chance for infection. An alcohol-based sanitizer needs to be used up to 30 times an hour to be effective. It’s Nanoedhand sanitizer mechanically kills microbes for up to eight hours with a single, skin-friendly application


    Another concern regarding the use of alcohol based hand sanitizers according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is the increase of blood alcohol levels in children due to the increased use of alcohol-based sanitizer being absorbed,” says Rob. There is no alcohol in any It’s Nanoedproduct.


    About It’s Nanoed

    It’s Nanoed™ is a leader in sanitization and barrier products. Its name is derived from the silicanano-particulate that its barrier products use to prevent viruses and bacteria from attaching tosurfaces.  In development since 2016, It’s Nanoed™  products continually disinfect surfaces for 30 days and keep hands sanitized for eight hours. Products are EPA Approved and FDA Registered.  Available sizes suitable for both consumers and businesses. For more information, visit or call 702-899-4757.


  • 8 Hour Hand Sanitizer+
    1 Spray lasts all Day! Keeps killing bacteria, germs and viruses for 8 hours or up to 40 hand-washes. No Alcohol. Safe for Kids & Pets. All Natural....

  • Protects hands from germs for 8 hours.  When sprayed on your hands, a single application forms a safe, undetectable,  protective shield that continiously kills germs, viruses and bacteria for 8 hours even after multiple handwashes and exposure to dangerous germs.

    Our Nano technology formula creates trillions of mechanical spikes that exhaust and kill microbes, not allowing them to replicate. This prevents them from attaching to your skin and provides long-lasting benefits that are 99.9% effective against germs, bacteria and viruses.

    When It's Nanoed, you know it's Safe!

  • Crystal Clean HOCl All-Purpose Disinfectant Powder
    Safer and more effective than chemical products traditionally used, our Crystal Clean HOCl is optimal for use as a powerful and convenient daily cleaner and disinfectant....

  • Trusted in schools and medical facilities across the country, Crystal Clean HOCl is the future of green cleaning.  With no harsh chemicals, it is strong enough for hospitals and safe enough for children and pets.  This all natural, eco-friendly daily cleaner is ideal for keeping our 30 Day Barrier Protection nano-spikes free of debris for 30 Day protection from germs, viruses and bacteria.
  • 30 Day Barrier Protection
    We save you time and money with safer, longer lasting products that are applied less frequently than traditional chemical based products. All natural. No PPE required. EPA Approved....

  • When a surface is treated with our multipurpose surface cleaner & disinfectant germs, viruses and bacteria are continuously killed for 30 Days! Billions of invisible nanoscopic spikes form and bond with the surface, instantly destroying microbes and pathogens.  This nano-spike protection provides ongoing protection for up to 30 days.

    In addition to protection from biohazards, our surface barrier also protects your investments from damage and destruction that occurs when using chemical products.  The barrier shield also rejects water, oil, dirt, mold & mildew.  It is resistant to abrasion, environmental decay and UV light breakdown.

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